Ghost Mountain Type: the Doc



The Doc

  • surgeon: use 1 supply, and roll INT to restore TOOL HP to a CLOSE ally.

  • snake oiler: use 1 supply, and roll CHA to make a potion that grants MAGIC HP for TIMER rounds.

  • medicine woman: roll WIS to remove a condition and restore BASIC HP to a CLOSE ally.

Starting Loot

  • ether bottle: makes healing checks EASY; grapple foe to knock out for TIMER.

  • smelling salts: ‘don’t die on me’ rolls CRIT on 17-20.

  • itching powder: force CON check vs spending next turn scratching, and all checks HARD for TIMER

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Wow, I love the idea of “use a supply” for the doc’s abilities! Very thematic and it also makes supplies mean something more than they typically do in ICRPG. (I for one love making supplies matter.)

If I may offer some unsolicited feedback (because I really like this concept), for smelling salts I’d rather drop the EASY rolls for Don’t Die On Me (because I rarely see it not succeed as is), and maybe instead plus up the crit from 19-20 to 18 or even 17-20. Because crits on DDOM rolls are rare so the doc could still be exciting to play even if they don’t get EASY rolls.


Cool idea; like if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work, but it has a higher chance of working REALLY well and getting folks back on they’re feet. Thanks!


i miss Ghost Mt.


Nice character sheet. No one to play with (li’l secret: I haven’t played Ghost Mountain yet)?


here is a blank copy, enjoy :grin: