First Responders, a prequel to The Division


This is a little something I made to help edge my wife into RPGs. She is more into real-life scenarios over fantasy and sci-fi, plus she’s a nurse, so I took my “Tom Clancy’s The Division” setting and revamped it. This setting takes place earlier, before the SHD Agents are activated which strips away the gun mods, fancy tech, and combat training.

Instead, you play as a First Responder, a humanitarian who jumps in to help save the injured and sick, immediately following a virus outbreak. These are normal people, not elite soldiers; 2 big focus points are Stealth and Nerves (read New Rules).

I kept the story inline so that players could easily jump into The Division after finishing this setting.

Disclaimer: This is still being slowly playtested so tweaks may come down the road.


That sounds cool. Love your output


My wife is exactly the same. Need to give her a contemporary, real-world setting and she gets invested. Thanks for working on this.


@mageyourday, Exactly! It’s hard sometimes not having a gamer wife LOL, but stuff like this got my wife more interested so I hope it helps you too.


I’m definitely biased, but I love this. Job well done, man.


Thanks for the comment and thanks for letting me bounce ideas off you yet again LOL


Thank you for sharing this, @Kindred. Man, it looks great! I’m back in the saddle tonight, running for 2 or more at my FLGS in what I hope to be the start of a pretty long-legged regular Friday night campaign that starts and spends the first couple big arcs at least in the modern world.

Going to use the character creation and a lot of other pieces from here as the ultimate labor saver. I will be wrapping up a big honkin’ Modern Loot Table soon that I will try to make pretty before I share, but I suspect it will pair well with this set when I get done.

ETA Oh! Wanted to add, that I love the addition of DISTANT to the Close/Near/Far standard! Brill!


@Lon, thanks for the humbling words man! I’m happy for any part of it you find useful. I hope your games go smoothly and I can’t wait to see the loot table you develop.