Random Encounters (Assorted, specific locations)



Hail, adventurers! Upon request, here are a diceful of slightly more curated and “cooked” random encounters for select locations! As always, the tools serve you, not the other way around.

Random Encounters at…

A simple peasant home away from town:

  1. d6+2 Bandits impersonating the owners (who are tied up in the basement)
  2. 1 cyclops, nearly blind, trips on the hovel and busts through the roof - it just wants help
  3. The floor collapses into a sinkhole containing 3d6 dark dwarves, and elaborate tunnels
  4. d4 peasants, all murderers, who throw their victims’ corpses in the well
  5. The family elder bursts through the door, spear through the chest, and d6 centaur close behind
  6. 2d4 wolves attack the livestock under the full moon, the peasants blame werewolves

A large forest between two hamlets:

  1. d4 Treant saplings being set ablaze by 2d6 orcs
  2. 1 sweet smelling, beautiful, man-eating flower laying in ambush
  3. d4 satyr in the middle of a funeral
  4. 2d4+4 lizardmen warriors and their priestess
  5. 1 giant grizzly bear and its 3 cubs (all reanimated and oozing)
  6. d3 Ettercaps hiding in between rocks, a skeletal hand with a ring luring the unsuspecting

An abandoned mine:

  1. 2d8 dwarves that have taken over, and not keen on sharing
  2. d4 evil rock gnomes, in the middle of a summoning ritual
  3. 4d6 reanimated, skeletal miners (d4: human, elf, dwarf, halfling)
  4. d6 rust monsters (eating the precious metals)
  5. d4 drider and 2d8 drow
  6. 2d4 fishfolk from an underground lake

A battlefield, one week after the battle:

  1. d6 Black Pudding consuming the corpses
  2. d6 necromancers, doing what they do best
  3. 1 Ancient White Dragon, asleep after feeding
  4. 6d6 bandits, pretending to be among the fallen
  5. 2d4 Carrion Crawlers
  6. A hill giant, picking its teeth with a femur and commanding 3d8 gnolls around

A church, possibly corrupted:

  1. 2d4 clerics trying to consecrate the structure
  2. d6 werewolves
  3. 3d4 pilgrims and clergy - except they’re all ghosts
  4. d4+6 vampire nuns
  5. 1 giant, demonic bat in the bell tower
  6. 1 wounded pegasus or unicorn

A jail:

  1. Jail break!
  2. A huge brawl breaks out in the labor room - shivs and rocks included
  3. In your cell, Green Slim oozes up from the floor
  4. A night, 2d4 Shadows stalk the halls
  5. A boulder crashes through the wall, the city is under siege
  6. The warden calls you into her office, offering you freedom in exchange for a job



Random Encounters on a ship at sea:

  1. 2d4 sea elves or merfolk (d6: friendly, neutral, hostile)
  2. 3 rowboats of orcs seeking refuge
  3. The ship crashes into a coral reef - except its the kelp-tangled undead, and they are crawling up the ship
  4. In a typhoon, 2 storm giants battle at sea and the PCs are caught in the middle
  5. 2d6 spined dinosaurs encircle the ship (shark-like)
  6. A thick fog rolls in, d6 ghosts join the crew via possession
  7. d4 crew mates get into a fight
  8. d4 rowboats appear, the marines on board are allies but infested with the plague
  9. At night, 3d6 giant glowing jellyfish float out of the sea and flood the deck
  10. The ship happens upon a small undiscovered island
  11. 3d6 pirates have captured a friendly ship, and pose as them when encountering the PCs
  12. During a storm, the ship is drawn towards a maelstrom
  13. At night, sirens call out across the depths to the crew - they are heading for the sides
  14. 1 giant octopus latches onto the ship
  15. 2d4 sauhagin creep on board
  16. 2 ships, entangled with boarding hooks, float silently - there are no crew
  17. d4 demon whales attack the ship, tentacles and slime jets swabbing the deck
  18. A ruined sea temple formed from black coral is visible in the distance
  19. 1 Aboleth
  20. 1 icebound Deathknight and their sea-soaked undead crew