Ghost Mountain Types: the Mad Scientist



Mad Scientist
An eccentric genius inspired by the independence and resourcefulness of the West.

Gadgeteer: any check made working on machines is EASY

Naturalist: astute observations of the environment lower the TN by 1d4

Cryptozoologist: identify the features of any monster with an INT roll.

starting gear

  • Automaton: a mechanical roly poly; balls up to roll fast; small internal storage; 5 hp; follows BASIC length instructions

  • Ecto-Entangler: immobilizes supernatural foes, must beat INT+ENERGY to break free; D8 usage die (2 or lower after use, die type lowers); catch lightning to recharge

  • Jug of Elixir: spend action to consume; take stat bonuses in INT, WIS, and CHA, and apply to STR, CON, and EFFORT; lasts TIMER rounds; after, STR and CON reduced to +0 for TIMER rounds.

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