Tom Clancy's The Division Setting (remade)


My group wanted to play The Division, but after pulling out my copy and running it a couple of times, I realized it was not optimized nor the most fluent to read. It was my first contribution to ICRPG though so what can I say LOL. So I’ve spent some time tearing it apart, rewriting some rules, adding some things my group came up with, changing all the font, and adding graphics. I was going to make it a 2nd edition, but I want to forget the first copy ever existed :smile:

Follow link to free downloads:!AnfnHpdtXMH-hypzdV4-9smD3k93?e=zuiPDu

PS. Also check the folder for some custom made maps and tokens for online play!

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Awesome can’t wait to take a gander.


now i need to find some minis and it!.. awesome work. i remember reading the first version. this is much better … game on!


Cool! Thanks for sharing your work. I am looking forward to reading it.


This is awesome @Kindred! I’m going to scour through it and get inspiration for the Modern/Urban Index Cards project. :herocoin:


@KaneDriscol, Of course! I plan on using some of those cards for my own game LOL


Excellent! I can’t wait to see them and your system in action :smiley:


It’s great, seems really well done overall. Much better than a LOT of the stuff on drivethrurpg. I’m somewhat concerned about the idea of putting it out there with all those copyright violations in it. I feel like it’s just asking for a takedown notice. :confused: That being said, i think you’d have to change basically all of the backstory to make it not be a copyright violation, and then it wouldn’t be “The Division”.


Agreed. I actually added all of the artwork and images this time around because I don’t plan on releasing it as a paid for supplement. That being said, thanks for the compliments!


Looks amazing, i was looking for gun mechanics for ICRPG and i really like the ones here, i might use them, thank you for sharing this!.


Of course! I was worried at first about the gun mods being too much for players to remember but I didn’t hand them out super often so it gave the players time to get used to them and memorize their abilities and worked out pretty well in the end. And I first tried the reloading mechanics after @Shadymutha used them and I love it!


I actually added all of the artwork and images this time around because I don’t plan on releasing it as a paid for supplement.

Hopefully you already know this, but… Paid or not paid is irrelevant to copyright. it’s the distribution without permission in a way that isn’t covered by Fair Use that results in the violation.

I’m not trying to persuade you to a course of action one way or the other. I doubt anyone would come after you and this is not stealing potential sales so it’s all kinda bs, but… most everything around copyright enforcement is kinda BS these days. :wink:


Oh yeah I totally understand, and I’ve seen enough “borrowed” things get shared (some even sold) without consequence that I myself don’t worry a lot. I agree it can be BS, especially like you mentioned, it isn’t taking away potential sales, and it’s even raising awareness of said game/book/etc. Thanks for the concern though, that’s good looking out! If a problem ever arises, I’d gladly take it down. Besides, I make these things for myself to use first and foremost, it’s just a bonus to share with this community :slight_smile: .


I have never played The Division but I gotta say this is really great. Bonus points, a lot of your ideas would be great for a Fallout based game or even to use with Altered State pretty easily!

Thanks for all the hard work and for sharing.


I’ve thought about tackling Fallout as well but haven’t taken that on just yet lol. Maybe someday. Thanks!


You did a great job! :medal_sports:

Will defo be poaching the diff melee weapon types and weapon mods :smiley:


Here are a few little pieces of information that might be helpful. All of this info is pretty easy to find but I just put it on in list format and in one place.

For context here is how I have the dice breakdown: d4 (BAS), d6(TECH/TOOL), d8(GUN), d10(LOOT), d12(ULT). Guns still have the Jamming/Reload mechanics to make melee worthwhile.

These can be Classes or they can be Milestone Paths - I think either works. I honestly think it’s kind of confusing to have both. I would just keep the term Specializations.

  1. Survivalist - Crossbow (NEAR) with Explosive Arrows (ULT), BURN, Limited Ammo [Mender Seeker Mine]
  2. Demolitionist - M32A1 Grenade Launcher (NEAR), D10 Area Effect [ Artillery Turret]
  3. Sharpshooter - TAC-50 Sniper Rifle (DISTANT), Limited Ammo (ULT) [Tactical Drone]
  4. Gunner - Minigun (FAR), SUPRESS, 2x GUN effort [Banshee Pulse]
  5. Technician - P-017 Missile Launcher (FAR)(2xULT), Area Effect, Single Shot [Artificer Hive, EMP Grenade]
  6. Firewall - K-8 Jetstream Flamethrower (NEAR), BURN [Can be used with Striker Shield]

Gadgets (“Skills” Using the Videogame Terminology)

I have a couple ideas listed for ways to implement the gadgets. I still need to test it out but my current idea is to provide an extra “free action” on a TIMER but only with a successful TECH test first to DEPLOY the gadget. The TIMER is super important for balance.

The videogame limit of two gadgets and only picking one gadget option from the list seems to work well as you would only have to track 2x special gadget skills/abilities at a time.

  1. Pulse
  2. Turret
  3. Seeker Mine
  4. Ballistic Shield
  5. Chem Launcher
  6. Drone
  7. Firefly
  8. Hive

Breaking them down further

  1. Pulse (d4 TIMER)
    a. Scanner - cancels Stealth/Cover effects (FAR)
    b. Remote - auto-hit next attack (NEAR)
    c. Jammer - overload/destroys enemy tech (NEAR)
    d. Banshee - STUN, (NEAR) [Gunner]
    e. Achilles - next damage max effort
    f. Hacker - overrides/controls enemy tech (NEAR)
  2. Turret (d4 TIMER)
    a. Assault - SMG (FAR) d8
    b. Incinerator - Flamethrower, BURN (NEAR) d6
    c. Sniper - Negates cover, Reload after use (DISTANT) d8
    d. Artillery - Always HARD, Suppress, (ULT) (FAR/DISTANT only) d12
  3. Seeker Mine (d6 TIMER)
    a. Explosive - Tracking d8
    b. Cluster- Tracking, Area Affect (BAS damage) (NEAR) d6
    c. Mender Mine - Tracking self/allies, repairs Armor each turn, d4
    d. Lockdown - Tracking, explodes with Riot Foam (IMMOBILIZE 1d4)
  4. Ballistic Shield (No TIMER)
    a. Bulwark - Pistols Only, Ignores damage 4 or less
    b. Crusader - Pistols, SMG, Shotgun, AR, Ignores damage 2 or less
    c. Deflector - Pistol Only, Retaliate 1d4 damage (NEAR) when attacked by Guns
    d. Striker - Flamethrower [Firewall] d6 (NEAR)
  5. Chem Launcher (d4 TIMER)
    a. Reinforcer - Area Effect, Armor Repair d4 (FAR)
    b. Firestarter - Area Effect, BURN d4 (FAR)
    c. Riot Foam - Area Effect, Immobilize (FAR)
    d. Oxidizer - Area Effect, Corrosive (damages Armor) (FAR)
  6. Drone (d4 TIMER)
    a. Striker - Flying, SMG (NEAR) d8
    b. Defender - Flying, Tracking, auto-Block ranged damage 1-3
    c. Bombardier - Flying, always HARD, d10 (FAR only)
    d. Fixer - Flying, Tracking, Armor Repair d4 (FAR)
    e. Tactician - Flying, next attack CRIT 15-20 [Sharpshooter]
  7. Firefly (d4 TIMER)
    a. Blinder - STUN d4 (NEAR)
    b. Burster - Area Effect, Sticky Grenades d4 TIMER for d8 damage (NEAR)
    c. Demolisher - self destruct for d10 (NEAR)
  8. Hive (d6 TIMER)
    a. Restorer - Stationary, Area Effect, Repair d4 Armor
    b. Stinger - Stationary, Area Effect, BLEED d4
    c. Reviver - Stationary, Area Effect if active and inside when HP drops to 0, auto-revive
    d. Booster - Stationary, Area Effect, +4 Damage (MELEE/GUN) Effort
    e. Artificer - Stationary, Area Effect, All rolls EASY

I know it needs a lot of work but this is my first draft of it. I’ll likely update this as I mess with it more. I know I need to dress up some of the terms and dice types for consistency. Any feedback would be great. Right now really loving this setting with ICRPG!

Loot for a Vigilante City game?

This is looking very good so far. I agree with Classes/Milestone Paths, if I were to redo this book today I would follow Master Edition and have a Class that then has abilities that can be MASTERED throughout the game. That would simplify that part!

The gadgets look good too. The only thing I see is the Hive having a d6 timer. For simplicity, I’ve been trying to keep everything on d4 so the term TIMER just means d4 all the time so my table knows that. If you’re worried about balance, I would make small adjustments in the descriptions. Like the Reviver could last 4 rounds while the TIMER cools down, and if not used, it can be deployed again after cooldown. However, if someone is revived, then the device is spent and the cooldown must restart 4 more rounds. Or the Booster could give less of a damage bonus, and so on. Whatever makes it seem more balanced while keeping a d4 timer. That’s a small personal preference that took more words to explain than necessary LOL.


Very good idea. Just wanted to throw this out while I had it in my head.

I think as a general rule I like having discreet dice. Having d4 be the TIMER Die by default is going to be a lot more helpful to my target audience.

I definitely appreciate that advice.


Hey Kane - is the modern/urban work still going on? I would like to get involved in that. I might be of some help.