World Setting for The Witcher



I decided to make this a new post since it is a World Setting and my old post is a Class Guide. Both “The Witcher World Setting” and PNG files for Character/Monster tokens are available at the following link for FREE download:!AnfnHpdtXMH-hBgASCtpgmqU-Q0t?e=hAfOFy

Here’s some insight into the document:

  1. I’m not going to lie, even after downsizing, there is still a lot of info packed into this document, especially in the World section so for quickness, you can pay attention to the Environment and Details to Discover sections when building your own version of the world.

  2. I only made pre-gen characters of half of the main characters, but you can find the PNG tokens for a few extra. This is so you can make your own pre-gens or use the extra tokens for new custom characters.

  3. If you still want more information, even after all of this, check out The Witcher Pen & Paper, a very detailed TTRPG about The Witcher.

  4. Let me know if there’s something you’d like to see added and maybe it will eventually make it in!

"The Witcher" Classes are here!
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I just now had time to look at it and it’s very impressive and comprehensive. Thank you for sharing it, will come in handy.


Toss a :herocoin: to your @Kindred!!! :heart: omg this is just too awesome…

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Fucking legend :+1: can’t wait to read it properly


Thanks @DMChef, @Chaosmeister!, and @orkcol!
@Nimlouth, you always make me laugh, Thanks dude!


@Kindred Just started reading this and I want to play it now!


@Kindred how many times have you run this?


Actually not many, I did a couple mini sessions and my wife and I were starting a campaign but didn’t get but a couple games in when life interrupted us lol. I’ve used aspects of it for other fantasy games though. I hope you enjoy it!


Was just thinking about hacking some Witcher goodness into a game.
This is great, thanks.


Of course! I hope you enjoy it.


Excellent! Defo going to run this one!!


Awesome let me know how it goes! Also nice pic!