Simple Ghost Mountain Showdown



The showdown is a classic scenario in any western game, but we don’t want the mechanics to get in the way of the moment. Here’s what I’ve been thinking about to give the showdown the cool feel it deserves, without bogging down the game:

  • the first attack in a showdown always does ULTIMATE
  • participants roll off D20 + (applicable stat; tradition suggests DEX, but some will opt for WIS or CHA instead - do what works for your table) to see who goes first.
  • a player can choose to go fast for a +3 to the above roll, but that will make their attack HARD; likewise, they can take their time, taking a -3 to go first, but making their attack EASY
  • characters can use intimidation or deception to change how fast their opponent goes.
  • attacks go in order; attacks after the first deal damage normally.

Lemme know how that works at your table. Hope it’s a blast!


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Loving the simplicity. Nice job!


Could this be used for a samurai showdown as well?


I think it would work, but might require some tweaking, since going “too fast” in a samurai duel doesn’t feel like a thing to me, so would you choose stances, or different strategies trading a bonus somewhere to a minus somewhere else. Need to think about it a little bit. I’d love to hear your ideas.