Spaceship Loot



I have been working on a table of random loot for a spaceship. Help me build it out!

  1. Blip Unit - Do not traverse the space between 2 points in the same system. Roll TIMER to refresh.
  2. Reactive Armor Studs - armor studs detach and intercept hits; +2 DEF; can negate up to 5 hits.
  3. Point defense grid - +3 DEF against solid projectile weapons, missiles, and torpedoes.
  4. Multi-cluster Quark Drive - ship is as fast as it gets
  5. Graviton Antennae - rolls to navigate systems, and maneuver around gravity wells are EASY.
  6. Virus Strobe - infect other ships systems through flashing multi-spectrum lights. On successful “hit” deactivate one chunk of the hit ship.
  7. Dual pad inertial dampeners - improves acceleration and maneuverability, without blacking out the crew! Special maneuvers are EASY.
  8. Q-Battery - components no longer require recharge timers, but battery is unstable.
  9. Reflex cannon - hits destroy chunks; crits destroy ships. Roll TIMER to refresh.
  10. Surveyor scopes - rolls to gather system or planetary information are EASY.
  11. Holographic command computer - provides third person 3-dimensional view of the battle space; lowers DC by 3.
  12. "Cry Baby" false distress beacon - distract NEAR targets on successful check for TIMER rounds.
  13. Rail gun - GUN damage. Spend a round aiming to either hit without rolling, or roll ULTIMATE damage.
  14. Repair drones - restores TOOL HP to one chunk per check.
  15. Plasma field ram - ENERGY damage to CLOSE enemy that you approach
  16. "Beer Can" Multi-Missile launcher - on hit, roll BASIC for number of WEAPON hits.
  17. AI assisted turret - attack in any direction, EASY; mount any weapon.
  18. Gravitronic tractor beam - inflict NEAR move action on a hit.
  19. Grapple harpoon - NEAR range; ULTIMATE damage if target moves away or breaks free.
  20. Particle Beam projector - ENERGY damage. Roll EASY = 1 hit; roll success = 2 hits; roll HARD = 3 hits
  21. Triple Buffered Ray shielding - +3 DEF; can be removed from one side to add +2 to the opposite side.
  22. Chromisteel armor application - +1 DEF; ENERGY attacks only do BASIC.
  23. Oscillation Overthruster - move FAR twice through solid objects; cannot be attacked, but still subject to quantum effects.
  24. Boson Surge Pumps - 4 surge dice to spend on ship effects
  25. Multi-beam satellite swarm: TIMER to activate and deploy; ENERGY damage; D12 targets.
  26. Nebula Bomb - ionized dust bomb makes all rolls to avoid, detect, and attack HARD.
  27. Positron Drive - double speed in open space. Use near gravity well and make a HARD piloting roll to escape any pursuer. TIMER to recharge.
  28. Interdiction Mine - activate to slow enemies, deflect attacks, or rapidly change direction
  29. 4 robot horses
  30. 1 robot elephant
  31. 3 hyper-bikes - even for gravitronic wheels; odd for hover bikes
  32. 2 dock loaders
  33. 1 huge construction droid
  34. 1 hyper-car - even for gravitronic wheels; odd for hover bikes
  35. 2 light cloud skiffs
  36. 1 heavy cloud skiff
  37. 1 starfighter
  38. 2 flight capable power armor suits
  39. Luxury suite - attract high paying passengers
  40. Armor bot swarm - +1 ship DEF with an additional +1 to any quarter; can be increased to +3 for one quarter, if 0 everywhere else.
  41. Duranium nosecone - +2 DEF to front quarter
  42. 3d6 small construction drones
  43. Carbon nanotube spindle - like spider silk, but for spaceships
  44. Magnetic boarding tunnel - will breach enemy hull in TIMER.
  45. Laboratory - biological/genetic, robotics, quantum/exotic, particle physics
  46. Cryostasis beds - 2d6
  47. Micro-environment life support systems - each room can have different pressure, gravity, and atmosphere
  48. Yog crystals - lower refresh timer by 1 per additional crystal.
  49. Unrefined exotic matter - if refined, can be use to generate D12 ancient loot items, or d4 epic
  50. Data-vault - neigh-unhackable, for data storage, or credits.


This is good stuff; you’ve done a great job so far. :+1:

Sorry, I can’t be of much help. I don’t have much of a head for sci-fi loot.


Autonomous module - select one Chunk. That portion if the ship can detatch and become it own ship.

Techno-organic megamesh - Restore 2 HP by lowing DEFENSE by 1. 5 uses.

Encapsulated Waif - a large glass pod containing a beautiful young woman in suspended animation, various wires connected directy to her head and spine.

Decommissioned Power Armor - requires 50 repair effort to make operational.

Haunted Trash Compactor - ULTIMATE damage every round to anything inside after 3 rounds. Possibly occupied.

Auto-turret defense grid - basic damage to all enemies NEAR every round.

Unlife-Support system - all Ghost Armor on board gain 1hp per minute.

YOG Radiation Detection Array - Points to the nearest and/or largest quantity of YOG.


These are great! Those first two are solid gold!


Especially the “autonomodule” :+1:


John Bigboote! Hold my overthruster!

Nutrimatic Drinks Dispenser - analyzes users’ taste buds and mood before inevitably producing a liquid which is almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea.

Motie tech coffee pot - optimal filtration, insulation, and heating: coffee never burns or goes stale, always hot, never needs cleaning

My suggestions are of a theme, aren’t they?


These are fun, but I’m trying to think of the sort of benefit they could provide. Good coffee on board could add to effort rolls made on the ship? Maybe the tea increases recovery rolls?


I was certainly not going for practical, more about what might be funny. The drinks dispenser from HHGTTG would be like cursed loot, you would never get what you want. In the Mote in God’s Eye the appearance of an improved coffee pot was a sign that watchmakers had taken over the ship. But with Moties a canon lifeform in our opera, their tech would not be sinister. What is the effect of coffee availability on submariner (my go-to analog for spaceship) effectiveness? No way to know since there has never been the counterexample.


We’re making up sci-fi loot for a pretend game; we don’t need a real-world counterexample; we just need to go with what feels right.