Zombie Apocalypse Themed ICRPG


Hey shields,

I just ran my first game in the zombie apocalypse genre and got heavily inspired by The Walking Dead.

I’d like to share my loot table and a couple of other tools with you, in the form of a handy trifold PDF:



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You give us a o much cool!


Urgency + objective is a really cool foundation for adventures. Well done! :v:


Thank you very much, @glocke


Those tables are a lot of fun, thanks for sharing!


Updated the PDF. Link stays the same.

Have fun :slight_smile:


How does the STRESS works exactly? Could you give an example?


Example: Lots of walkers are closing in to the 5 PCs, so everybody rolls CHA to resist freaking out. When more than 50% succeed (3+ PCs), the stress check is successful, if not I bump up the target by 1.

I count nat20s as “two successes” (aka cancel out another PC’s failed roll), nat1 count double too. Maybe bump the target by another 1 for any nat1 included.

Consider letting them roll CHA at the end of the scene too, to offer target relief.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


That is pretty good, love it!


I LOVE! that stress mechanic, feels good and doesn’t need to be something extra to track on a sheet like most stress systems are! I also like how its more about the group than the individual! :smiley:


Thanks! The only downside is, that enemy to-hit rolls don’t make full sense against the PCs’ stress target. That’s why I call for defense-rolls (or STR-/DEX rolls) when attacks are made against the PCs.


You are killing it with the booklet and ideas here for the genre. Love the stress idea, that’s a really elegant want to run it.