Creation of ICRPG themed documents and images



I know that a lot of the creation and editing are done with Adobe InDesign & Illustrator. This humble GM won’t pay for that. Are there alternatives? TIA, Jim


There are free options but my preferred alternatives are from Affinity. They are one time purchases that are good for life and a comparable to photoshop, illustrator, and indesign. Highly recommend at least checking out free trial for each. If you have an ipad, they also have app versions that are cheaper and they regularly have sales if you’re patient.


That one time charge is much more in line with what I can do. The subscription for Adobe is brutal. :frowning:

Obvious question, but can you do the same level of work with creating ICRPG content? Have any examples?


Yeah, the Affinity suite is the way to go if you don’t have Photoshop or Indesign.


You would say it’s on par with InDesign?


Yeah I’ve made a bunch of ICRPG stuff with the Affinity Suite.

Affinity Publisher

Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo

Affinity Publisher

Affinity Photo & Publisher

Affinity Photo & Designer

Affinity Photo, Designer & Publisher

Affinity Photo & Publisher

Affinity Publisher


You would say it’s on par with InDesign?

@Luftmeister It is. Indesign is still the industry leader and will have a few more ease of life functions. But Affinity is a close second, and casual users won’t notice any appreciable difference. Will it make a PDF for digital print? Absolutely. It will do a nice job, and the software only gets better every year.

I’m using Indesign, as Adobe worked with me on the price as a hobbyist. But if I didn’t have Indesign, I would go with Affinity Publisher.


Wow! You could have pasted one! :slight_smile: Thanks!


Just wanted to show that I use it a lot :wink:


Thanks again! I just downloaded the demo. We’ll see how I do. (helmet on)


Do you have specs on the fonts or a template perhaps? I thought it was in a thread here but I can’t find it. You use it so much perhaps you can tell me. :slight_smile: LOL


Got it! nusaliver, flatbread, and calibri fonts.


@KaneDriscol this is so easy to use! Bought.


Another note- if Affinity is out of your price range, still keep it in mind and sign up for the mailing list and keep an eye on the site. They do half price discounts quite often (the last one being for Black Friday).


Thanks for mentioning that @ChuckDee! For sure, they have great sales from time to time.


I am very late to the party, holy necro batman, but I’d wanted to let you know that all my books, cards etc. are all done with the Affinity Suite; Publisher first, Designer second and Photo third.

Affinity Suite is well worth the investment and for regular chaps like us, it is pretty much fully featured. Not to mention it is fast, intuitive, responsive and makes sense.

Like it was said in this thread, look for discounts of 30%-50%, 50% being rarer of course.

All my books have page excerpts at the bottom of their respective product pages, so you can get an idea of what is possible (spoiler: anything is, more or less).

Spells & Feats Vol. 1

Spells & Feats Vol. 2

Hero Cards Vol. 1

Hero Cards Vol. 2