An XDZ Starship using Colored Maps



I want to share these Starship Maps I put together for an upcoming XDZ game later this week, using the Colored Maps @Runehammer shared on Patreon (thank you!). I broke up the full map into four separate images for the Areas and then added in some extra details in Photoshop to facilitate my players.

Iā€™m so excited to play XDZ and I love these colored maps. The artwork, utility, and flexibility tick all the boxes in my DM brain :smiley:


Nicely done! :smiley: Thanks for sharing!


Those maps are always so nice to look at, nice job putting all of that together!


This is inspiring. I need to set this up so me and my buddies can play this on TTS! Yay, new project.


I love the yellow arrows. Could you possibly send me a file of them?


Sure thing!