Trying Out Some Coloring Styles



Hey Shieldwall! I’ve been experimenting with some coloring styles/techniques to push myself and was wondering what you thought of these two.

On the left is a more classic cel-shaded version and on the left is a more chaotic textured look (The character sketch was pulled from QS2e so I could practice).

Anyway, what kind of stuff have you all been experimenting or working on as the year comes to a close?

EDIT: Adding other examples

Creation of ICRPG themed documents and images

Damn, Kane, you’re freaking talented. I love both styles, each one seems perfect for a different type of game.


Frankly, all of that art looks damn good, wish you’d take commissions!


Excellent work! To me, the ones on the right evoke a more gritty emotion. Perhaps for a Blood & Snow campaign.


So far, I’m really enjoying the practice and the QS2e characters make great pieces to experiment with. I’m especially digging on the background splash haha.


Just watched this video… Kane’s Kiln is moving up my “favorite YT channels” list, VERY FAST.


Lovely work! More please.

To answer your question, I’ve been trying to get to grips with replicating blocks of colour in landscapes/ scenes from films.
My XP Pen display tablet is one of the best purchases I’ve made in a long time!


Digging “Kane’s Kiln” YT-Chnl. This is very reminiscent of fabric / tailoring design sketching. Thank you Kane, for all your contributions!