After several months of watching this project develop, it’s finally here! I’d like to present to the ICRPG community, SKYLINES, a set of MODERN INDEX CARDS made by members of the community. Included is a printable PDF and an online kit for use on virtual tabletops.

Download PDF and Online Kit Link

I want to say thank you to Runehammer, Andreas, Alex, Rpgerminator, Krzysiek_Jeczala, Geoffrey_Nelson GmGrizzly, Chaosmeister , LoRd_pYrO, Fork, and ShadyMutha for their contributions, feedback, and ideas that helped make this project a reality. I also want to say thank you to Abodi, who contributed with their artistic talents, but also went above and beyond and created a set of matching Tokens to go with the set. They all deserve a bag of hero coins! :herocoin::herocoin::herocoin:

Through this project, I have a deeper respect for the legacy of ICRPG and what it brings to gaming. If you do use any of these cards at the table or in your session planning as inspiration, please share it with us! We would love to see these cards/tokens in action and what ideas you come up with.

If you have any constructive feedback or if there are issues that need to be addressed, please let me know.

Community set of URBAN/MODERN index cards
When is Index Card RPG Vol. 5 coming?
Creation of ICRPG themed documents and images
Vigilante city

This is so awesome! It was great to be a part of this project and watch it grow over the months. Kudos to @KaneDriscol and @Abodi for all the hard work and dedication to these cards and tokens!


Thanks @rpgerminator! I’m really happy with this community project and it’s really exciting to see the possibilities of index cards expand. I’ve really enjoyed working with everyone involved and hope to do it again sometimes. As for now, I just finished printing out the set and I’m messing around with the CORE Story Architecture, enjoying what stories come to mind.


Oh man you all did an amazing job on these! This yet another reason this is the best rpg community!


Thanks! Now that they’re out in the wild, I can’t wait to see what people come up with.


Thanks to all! This is AWESOME!


Thank you all for creating these :metal:t3:


These are amazing… thank you all for making this happen!


These are phenomenal, great work! These hit all the best tropes! Now I can run my French Connection RPG!


I’ve never heard of the French Connection RPG. What’s that one about?


Glad you find these useful.


It’s rather straightforward, take the premise of the French Connection, have the players go through a session one using a couple key scenes as a template. Instead of the ending where the film does, you have the case get weirder and weirder with each session, until there are aliens smuggling coconuts in a vast conspiracy to raise the spirit of George Bernard Shaw at an amusement park in Cleveland, or some such thing. All players roll a d20 at the beginning of each session and the lowest score has to play as Gene Hackman in a Santa Suit for the entire evening, with appropriate quotes.


Honestly never seen/ read it. The name sounds familiar but that’s about it. Seems an interesting concept though.


These turned out amazing. Great job everyone!


Phenomenal work.
Take a Hero Coin and a big ol’ mug o’ mead :beer::sunglasses::metal:


As sad before, but it can’t be sad enough: Amazing work, thanks a lot all of you!


I believe you mean “said” because its free and no reason to be sad.

Please enjoy.


Yes thank you! Has anyone had a chance to use any of these in their games? I just played a session last night and they were really useful for dropping clues and stuff.


These are amazing. Contemporary resources can be hard to come by and these are top notch.


Were you playing vanilla ICRPG? I’m interested in running a game in a modern setting with mystery elements.