How I Make ICRPG-style Tokens for VTT



I’ve been asked a couple of times how I make ICRPG-style tokens for VTTs and so I put together a video that details my method (credit goes to @Abodi for originally teaching me this technique).

It is a little more complicated than the method that @Alex demonstrates (Token Creation), but I’ve come to enjoy the flexibility of hacking together the fantastic ICRPG art in an infinite number of ways, so I’ll take the bit of complication.

Creation of ICRPG themed documents and images

Thx for that video. Comping things is a cool thing :slight_smile:

If you want quick tokens from pre-made art (e.g. art found on the internet) and don’t care for overlapping parts (like arms going over the token border), TokenTool is a dead-simple and extremly quick solution. I’ve build overlay files for ICRPG and Altered State that can be found here. Not as flexible as Kane’s or Alex’ tutorial, but worth trying if you either scare away from editing or want a quick solution.

Adding overlays to TokenTool: File -> Manage Overlays -> Overlays [+] icon.


Thx Kane!!!

I’ve dumped the entire Adobe Stack for Affinity Photo, Designer & Publisher. ICRPG sources are a treasure trove for doing these comps. Great tutorial.