Fairy Character Type Page



Was bored during my daily meetings at work and put together this page from a custom character type that was discussed on the Discord server.

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Very cool! I like that the layout matched the original
style. You could just print it to size and samich I the book.


The potential tomfoolery of Micro-Loot is great, and it makes a tiny character more viable. I like how you’ve clearly established three ‘tracks’ but still have room for a more unconventional character.

Seeing this makes me want to post some of my original types again!


Awesome! Can we get werewolves next, please? :smiley:


If the Shieldwall fills in the Starting Abilities, LOOT, Milestones, and Mastery, I could probably put together a Werewolf. I don’t have any intention of mass-producing these though :smiley:


Sure thing! I’ll start!

Werewolf >> +1 STR, +1 DEX

Starting ability (Choose 1)

  • HELLWALKER: you know your way in and out of Hell, and gain +2 Weapon Effort against Demons, Devils, and the whole burnin’ shebang.
  • ALPHA: gain +2 CHA, you can talk to canines, and make EASY checks to convince them to help you to the best of their ability.
  • BLOODLUST: if you did not attack during your turn, you may attack at the end of it (so you’re always assured an attack if there are “legal” targets!)


Who’s next?! We need to make this werewolf a reality shieldmen!

@MattSlaton, @Ash?


Werewolf Starting Loot

Steel Claws: when attacking with Steel claws, use weapon effort and exploding damage dice.

Moon Light Bracers: when equipped, these bracers make all Athletic & acrobatic rolls easy.

Pouch of Nightshade: A pinch of Nightshade ease’s the effects of silver inflicted wound

@KaneDriscol @BlazingPolyhedron @Ash

This is kinda slopped together. Any tweaks to what I came up with are absolutely welcome.

  • Steel Claws: WEAPON. Both hands. Damage Explodes. On 10+ damage inflict temporary Lycanthropy (Hairy, WIS or Enraged)
  • Moon Light Bracers: +1 DEF. All Athletics & Acrobatics EASY. Store a little moonlight in each bracer.
  • Pouch of Nightshade: WIS to apply a pinch to food or wounds. MAGIC poison to humans and animals. Heals all damage inflicted by SILVER. On a Nat 1 the pouch runs out.

Some ideas for milestones: Combining different beast forms. Applying were-wolf effects to allies. Spending HP to leap DOUBLE FAR or lift anything smaller than a cottage. Sense unnatural prey. Call for aid from other were-wolves.


I like the adjustments to the moonlight bracers and the nightshade.

The lycanthropy effect on the claws need something.

If you roll a critical hit, the enemy turns into a beta werewolf in 1d4 rounds and must obey your command for the rest of the combat.???

May be a bit O.P.
May be a good Mastery reward


I’d call the above ability “Alpha” and make it a milestone or mastery. then call that starting ability of the same name, “Wolf-Kin”.

That would make you start as a beta then as you progress more you become an alpha. And only after you become an alpha can you turn others.

Just my thoughts…


I would steel from the monk “IRON FIST: Your fists (claws) and feet are hardened with focus, doing WEAPON damage”


This is cool ‘-’ But… why 5 HP? Ot is that +5 HP? I didn’t get it.


I was thinking it would be similar to the Kitt in Warp Shell. They are small so they only have 5 HP instead of a full heart.


Makes sense… So, small tinkerbell-like faeries? Cool! Tks, man, completely forgot Kitts existed (2E is still my main book due to… circumstances). It also sheds light on the ‘change size’ milestone ability.


I was making a video about making custom character types and I figured while I was doing it, I would also finish off the Werewolf character type that you all started building. Hope this works for you guys!

P.S. In the video I made a Vogon. Enjoy!


Ha! Thanks a whole lot! This is awesome!


Very cool. It’s awesome to see how this came together.


Thank you! These are great!

Has anyone created a ME version of the Small Folk Character Type that they can share?


A Small Folk would be more of a bio form and I just continue using the 2e bonuses which are +1 WIS and +1 Magic Effort