Lost Plunder - Micro Adventure



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Been messing around this week, and I threw together this micro-adventure in zine form. I’d love any feedback on layout, style, or any of the adventure details. I’m thinking about running this one-shot with my players in the near future.

Here is a picture in case you don’t want to download the PDF.

Creation of ICRPG themed documents and images

I love the zine format! Just today I was goofing (completely unsuccessfully) with making a zine formatted cheat sheet to hand out to new players.

Thanks for sharing this. It’s great!


These Zines are dope dude. it is a fun little booklet, I could see this taking place of the “1 page prep” method in my future. i mean technically this is still one page, but dang dude, these layouts are awesome.


@skippy, @TheWunderLich thank you both!

I was actually thinking about making a rules reference zine but decided I’d make a mini adventure since there has been so many amazing reference sheets lately.

What do you guys think about the mechanics, specifically the Underwater Heart? I was inspired by the Stealth Heart and that it wasn’t too far fetched to convert it to other applications.


I liked the Underwater Heart. Easy to understand, easy to implement!

I think the first couple pages from the ICRPG Mobile PDF would be great for a zine. I printed off pages 5 through 12 in “booklet” format, and it works, but for whatever reason Preview on my Mac prints a black background on the dice images on the “Target and Effort” page, which really detracts from the quality. When I try booklet printing in Acrobat, it doesn’t let me scale up the content to use more of the page, so it prints out too small to be useful. :frowning:


Really dig this adventure format; makes for enough info to run a one-shot or something to slot into a campaign if applicable (I could see this fitting in well with Hank’s recent MOD THE DECK scenario).

Underwater Heart seems straightforward enough. I’d be tempted to do more damage to it on an enemy hit, but that’s more GM preference on encounter deadliness. I do like that the Merrow have different abilities based on terrain. Overall it seems like a tight encounter to me.


Thank you! I’ve really been digging on the idea of a situational based hearts. Like we have a stealth and underwater heart, but why not madness, exhaustion, heat exposure, your cover being blown, diplomacy, etc…

I really like the idea because it doesn’t mess with the core ICRPG system and can be included only when it makes the most sense. Underwater hearts can be great for water adventures but maybe I’ll include a frost bite heart with slightly different mechanics on the next one.