Token Creation


Folks ask from time to time how to create tokens for use in VTT play, especially tokens that look like they’re popping out of the ring. Here is a quick video showing my method (though I am sure there are others, this one is super efficient for me).

How I Make ICRPG-style Tokens for VTT

Thank you!!!

The repositioning really was the price of admission…I think I masked the border 5 times making my token. Uggg if I would have seen this in December…;-p



If anyone wants to try, but isn’t committed to buying Photoshop, then try it has almost the same features and layout, but runs in your browser for free


Awesome work man!

Affinity Photo can do the same thing, if anyone is wondering. Actually any image editing program worth its salt can do this.


Awesome, thank you! I had asked about this just the other day and @JDStirling was able to type me through it. The video helps. thanks.


even free software like Gimp can do this