ONE-PAGE PDFs with Rules, Loot, and Stuff (WIP/Community Effort)



I’m feeling inspired to create lots of these one-page thingies with things for this thing that we like. What do you guys think? How could I make it better and what kind of content should I try to come up with?

Also, you can contribute with your own ideas! This can be a community effort :slight_smile:

What we’ve got so far:

#001… SPELL ENERGY (rules for a type of health/mana system for casting spells, contains new loot)
#002… ALT FANTASY BIO-FORMS P.1 (my house rules for fantasy races: humans, dwarves, dragonborn, elves, and half-elves)
#003… ALT FANTASY BIO-FORMS P.2 (my house rules for fantasy races: hill folk, small folk, goblins)
#004… PLAYER-FACING COMBAT (rules for games where players make all rolls, with defense rolls and armor as soak/damage reduction, combat with lots of minions and stuff like that - probably my favorite rules)
#005… NIGHT OF THE HEADLESS HORROR (adventure layout where the heroes face a dullahan - a headless horror creature, contains new loot)
#006… RANDOM CHARACTER CREATION (house rules on random character creation that matches #002 and #003 and an alternative Wealth System)
#007… THEMATIC LOOT #01 (With two d12 tables of video game Loot from Legend of Zelda, Mario, and others; and Space Bounty Hunter Loot, including a “Baby Yoda” milestone reward)
#018… FLEXIBLE SPELLCASTING (ideas for Hard/Easy spellcasting rolls and possible effects if you fail, as well as a draft for ritualized spellcasting)
#019… YOUNG FIGHTING ANIMAL MUTANTS (twelve variant animal/mutant Bio-Forms for use with any setting, but inspired by IPs such as TMNT, Usagi Yojimbo, and BioMutant)
#023… ENEMY TAGS P.1 by @James_Horn (creature tags to customize monsters, includes the Armored, Blind Brute, Bound, and Elemental TAGS)
#024… ENEMY TAGS P.2 by @James_Horn (creature tags to customize monsters, includes the Fast, Flying, Mechanical, and Undead TAGS)
#032… SUPER ALIEN MARTIAL ARTISTS (Bio-Forms of martial artist space monkey-men for Kumite and any other games, includes Power Rank rules - how to play otherworldly powerful creatures without changing the rules of the game)
#666… DEALING WITH THE DEVIL by @Daniel_Tuttle (bonus material for the GHOST MOUNTAIN setting)

Here’s the link to download the PDFs.

I also added a template made on Word 2007. Details are in a post below, but you’ll need the fonts Berlin Sans FB, Coco, and Calibri.

Here’s the link specifically to the template (the preview doesn’t show the correct fonts, be warned). It’s on the same drive as the PDFs

Enemy Type Tags

I like it when people make small stuff like this…
would love to see someone make a “One-Shot” or otherwise with “Settings” that ICRPG currently does not have …
(so far i have personally seen fantasy, sci-fi, weird western, “aliens movie”, World War II, superheroes, “call of Cthulhu” and “alien invasion” settings.).

Would love to see…
John Carter of Mars ICRPG
Pirates of the Caribbean ICRPG

…and for those really old comics readers out there… an obscure one… Micronauts ICRPG


Those are wonderful ideas, @Luther . I have a hard time reducing adventures to a single page. Right now I’m sitting on a WW2 adventure and a trilogy of fantasy stuff inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Snow Queen” tale.

John Carter of Mars ICRPG is something interesting… I like sword&blasters and science fantasy. I’m not deeply familiar with the IP of John Carter but there’s material there to create something. Thanks for the inspiration!

For pirates, I’d recommend you check out the world of Aurora by @Kindred, the community’s premier pirate fantasy setting. Seriously, it’s amazing.


These are great! I love the idea of one page additions to the game that can be switched in or out depending on the game you are running.

I was recently thinking it would be fun to get everyone to submit a “One Page world primer” based on their own campaign. For example my Altered State game is nothing like the world described in the book. I wanted to do a more crapsack style world more akin to Cyberpunk 2020 or Shadowrun. I could pretty easily distill it down into one page (or a two sided page).

Maybe this whole idea could be a community thing that we gather together. Got a d20 loot list? Put it together like this and add to the collection. House rules? Dungeon? Campaign ideas? Classes/Tags? I would totally submit something!


You get it started Arc and i will contribute regularly.
I have designed my own RPG using ICRPG as a starting point and would love to share components a little at a time to get input.
I love seeing other peoples House Rules and ideas. That’s why i come here.


I just started a drive (link on the first comment) to save this stuff and make it readily available for everyone. Can you please check if it’s working?

This is an amazing idea! I’ll try to do something like that!

Leaving #001 and #004 here :stuck_out_tongue: Strangely enough I haven’t finished 002, 003 and 005. I mean, they’re written, I just have to make them fit a single page…

Edit: @Luther, @Arc, twelve PDFs up and counting. I’m working on four more for this week :slight_smile:


Your link worked for me! Thanks for the shout out as well. Aurora 2E is much better refined and on sale at DriveThru, but the free version is plenty to get someone going if they want a pirate setting.

I’m going to keep following this thread as I’m beginning to simplify my own processes.

*EDIT: Link added per P_Frota’s request:


Really? Drop a link for us, man! I didn’t know you had put it in DTRPG! I put PWYW stuff there only to get resources to buy stuff other members of the community created and Hank’s books (unfortunately ANY shipping of physical books to my country costs about $40). I’m saving to get Altered State and Khan’s Spells & Feats and I’ll put Aurora in my wishlist too :smiley:

I would love to have the community doing something like this again… I think there hasn’t been a real attempt at it since the Community Annual in 2019? I don’t know the details of why that didn’t work, though. Like, I REALLY have no idea. But one-pages are easier to deal with than whole articles/submissions.

I just managed to add 4 PDFs to the drive :smiley: I have 10-15 more, the hard part is fitting stuff in one page, but I’ll keep doing it as long as I can.


If you’re taking submissions I have a few things I’ve come up with in the past for my games I’d be happy to submit.

Also, how do you make those templates? Is that a photoshop thing?


I’d love to add your stuff to the PDFs, man!

I wish! I can’t draw or use Photoshop or most of the professional tools (not even the ones Hankerin already showed on his channel). I did these on good ol’ Word 2007. Not even kidding here. The art on the background was done by a good friend of mine who kindly gave me the rights to use it.

I don’t have a template or anything like that, but I can try to make one and send it to you. If you prefer you can share your stuff and I can try to create one.


Updated with the list and a short explanation of what each PDF has :slight_smile:


Great stuff! I’ve been making notes on a Ninjas ICRPG and a Logan’s Run style setting for ICRPG. Need to post those some time.


Please do! That sounds amazing!


Updated and some minor mistakes on the PDFs corrected.


Hey, all

Since both @Renigade16 and @fracomi reached out asking about a template, I decided to try to create one. I did it on Word 2007 so be warned that results may vary if you use it (and I’m available to help if anyone wants).

I’ll be adding it to the drive, but here’s the summary.

Fonts used: Berlin Sans FB, Coco, Calibri
Paper size: A5
Margins: 1,2cm on all sides
When you set up two columns, each column is 6 cm wide, with 0,4 cm of space between them.

The background image is a page from ICRPG core without any of the text. Hank made this page available here in one of his adventure templates, but I’m missing the link. I simply set it as background image (watermark), at 22% size.

Here’s the link to the template. It’s on the same drive as the PDFs


Hey thank you! Sorry for the late reply.
Appreciate the work!
I’ll check out the template and see what I can do tonight.


You may want to ask permission to use the authors content posted here. There has been some issues in the past with compiling peoples posts into one document… permission and by lines are important to some people. We must respect their ideas as much as they respect ours.


No problem, man. Have fun with the template.

Thanks for the heads up, man! I’m not compiling or publishing anything by myself, if people want to contribute and have something saved here in this format they’ll have to send it in by themselves, it with a clear written permission. But so far no one sent anything… Everything in the drive right now was written by me.


I saw this and knew immediately what I wanted to add to these One-Page things! I used the template to show off my house-rule for Deals with the Devil (for Ghost Mountain, but you could use this concept for every setting really). I encountered this rule from Scum and Villainy (BlackHatGames) and have modified it to fit with this ruleset - my players love/hate it. How can I add it to your list?


Decided to just go ahead and host it up on my Google Drive, but you’re welcome to re-use or upload it to any collection.

I really like being able to tempt my players into short-term benefit situations for long-term costs that they can enjoy the experience of overcoming. Sometimes the poor sots even think they’re pulling one over on the Devil. Adorable.