Kindred's Contributions (Free Stuff)



Ok, so rather than creating multiple threads all the time, here is a link to a OneDrive folder that will contain most of my contributions to the ICRPG community:!AnfnHpdtXMH-gm-lty10tn7Md7nK

Multiple Character Sheet Designs
Extra Classes for the World of Alfheim
Extra Classes for Ghost Mountain
“Tom Clancy’s The Division” Hack
“World of Aurora” - Fantasy Pirate Setting
Future Projects (Sneak Peek) Folder

Coming Later:
Maybe a Super Hero Setting…
Deus Ex Setting (cyberpunk?)

**Please let me know if the link does not work!

Setting Guides
Space Vehicle Sheet
ONE-PAGE PDFs with Rules, Loot, and Stuff (WIP/Community Effort)

Ok thanks! I’ll see if i can get it fixed right away!

Update: I’m not seeing anything wrong with the link from my end. It says it’s public and anyone with the link can view the folder. I logged out of my OneDrive account and it still worked which means you should be able to see it without having an account.

(Anyone else have trouble accessing?)


It’s working for me. Keep up the good work!


Doin the good work! Thank you.


The Division Hack is up and I started a small “Sneak Peek” folder for when I’m working on future ideas.


I do not see The Division. Would like to check that out as I’m an avid player. Thanks


That Division, though! That is looking sweet.


It should be in the Folder called “World Settings”? It may take a minute to load as it’s a larger file with many pages.


Thanks boss. 74 pages. wow. You have been working hard. Well done


LOL thanks! I actually made that one a long time ago, just got around to fixing a couple things and making it a PDF haha. Also, a lot of the info is just story text. The last thing you should note is that I did not make a map, but they can be found online or I thought it would be neat to use a google earth image to bring realism to the table.


Any desire to make a Super hero version? I think that might be very cool.


Actually, if you take a look in the “Future Projects” folder, there is a cover page and a Hero Races page to the beginning of just that! I was blown away by Alfheim when ICRPG started so in tribute, I’ve named my Pirate world, Aurora and my super-hero world, Atlantis… just to stick with the A’s.


Sweet. I will check in on occasion in case you have more done on it.


great Idea putting them together, already bookmarked. Thank you so much, keep up the good work!


I just added the pirate setting “Aurora” and a large copy of its World Map to the Settings folder. The “ships” section may need some revising after more play-testing and I may eventually add more Adventures to the end, but I’ll make another post to notify you all if that happens. Please let me know your thoughts on it!


Love the pirate character sheet!


Finally tidied up my Extra Classes for Ghost Mountain and uploaded them to the folder. A couple are reskins of Alfheim classes and a couple are re-used from my other settings, but some of them are brand new.


Really like the Ghost Mountain addons, thanx.


Had a look at your division setting. That is really great work, the amount of content there is exceptional.

Really, change the art and names of things and you could sell that module as a note generic post apocalyptic fallout/wasteland/madmax setting.


I have now just looked at your Aurora setting. WOW.

The ship mechanics are great. I am going to try to get my group to get a ship now so we can play with it.