ONE-PAGE PDFs with Rules, Loot, and Stuff (WIP/Community Effort)



DAMN that one is cool! Any very bold and optimistic of you taking the #666 spot ahahah :smile:

Thanks, man, I’ll do it :smiley:

Btw, I noticed there’s no page number. If you have the .doc original and if you wish I can help with that too.


Great work putting this all together @P_Frota

Heres a link to my Enemy Tags if you would like to add it to the list.


The reason it did not work is the request for everyones permission was a nightmare. So I decided not to share the work. Hankerin recommended I get it before posting it in a “compilation” … there is a ton of home brew and hacks for ICRPG posted in the forums… you just gotta look.

Game On!


Oh, man, what a bummer :confused: Well, for these pages I’m not collecting anything… If anyone wants to submit something, it would be great. If not, that’s ok.

Thanks, man! I put your stuff in the standard layout, hope you like it. Let me know if you want me to change anything.


It seems I can’t edit the original post anymore :sweat_smile: So I’ll post the updates here:

#008… ADVENTURE: DEATH OF THE SNOW QUEEN (adventure layout where the heroes face the dreaded Snow Queen and the shards of her Magic Mirror)
#033… SANTA CLAUS (adventure ideas and the rules to use him as a winter Angel from ICRPG Magic.)
#034… KRAMPUS (Just in time for the holidays, inspired by the Dungeon Craft video.)

You can find the link to all one-pagers on the first post. Happy gaming!


can these work as a Game Master’s screen?


Hey, man. I’m pretty sure they could, but I don’t have the necessary skills to pull it off. But how would you do it? Just spread a few pages over the screen or did you have something else in mind?


i would use the game screen from Hexer


That’s a neat idea. There are lots of tutorials for making your own GM screen which even seems possible for someone all thumbs like me. :smiley:
I find this one very achievable:


Well, this is neat. The One-Pages are formatted to the A5 size, while the screen uses the bigger A4 size, meaning you could fit two ‘one-pagers’ into each screen slot. But, on the other hand, there’s nothing stopping you from printing these in A4 size… they may lose a bit of resolution but will certainly still be readable.


Joining the party with my own little contribution! A little framework to give flashbacks some mechanics as they relate to heists and other such jobs.


THANK YOU, that looks great! Can I add it to the drive? And do you mind sharing the original word doc with me so I can add background art and the “30” to the bottom of the page? (If you wish, if not that’s ok)