So, I had a short campaign of ICRPG full of anime-style tropes and stuff. Multiverse, monster of the week, magically enhanced high-schoolers saving the world, you know the drill. One thing that was fun is that I went all-out on anime-themed loot and eventually gave some of these sets to the players. A fun thing in that campaign is that the ‘costume’ you were wearing changed your playstyle, encouraging players to use LOOT to its full extent, as it’s intended to in ICPRG. Too many times, in more traditional campaigns, I’ve seen players be too “locked” into their “class” to try out cool different LOOT, because it didn’t fit their preconceptions of their class (usually because of traditional D&D archetypes).

Thematic Armor Sets Loot

Armor sets have at least four parts: a head item (helmet, bandana, glasses, etc.), an arms item (bracelets, gauntlets, etc.), a leg item (greaves, chausses, stockings, shoes, etc.) and a body item (the armor itself, or a specific type of clothing). Also, if all items are equipped by the same character, they should gain a cool item set bonus , also described below.

These items were created for ICRPG Core 2E; as a note to Master Edition players: Armor bonus is the same as a Defense bonus.

1: Adamantine Plate: Full plate armor made of the most durable materials. 1: Helm: Armor +1; 2: Armor: Armor +3, reduces all damage taken by 2; 3: Arms: Armor +2; 4: Legs: Armor +2; Item Set Bonus: Ignore critical hits from non-magical weapons.

2: Blood Dragon Plate: Built by dragon-hunters, this heavy armor is tested against the claws and fangs of these beasts. 1: Helm: Armor +1, +5 hit points; 2: Armor: Armor +3, Str +1, Wis +1, +5 hit points; 3: Arms: Armor +2; 4: Legs: Armor +2; Item Set Bonus: Armor +1, +2 Effort vs. dragons.

3: Bird Costume ("Pandora Costume"): Feathers and a beak! 1: Helmet: Mask, can talk to and understand birds, who are never afraid of the wearer; 2: Armor: Armor +1, a theatrical feather-suit and beaked mask for festive occasions; 3: Arms: Turn into wings without losing use of hands, can move vertically and glide; 4: Legs: Armor +1; Item Set Bonus: Cha +1, called "bird person" by certain people for no reason.

4: Frog Costume Armor: A very advanced armor that makes you very fancy, ribbit. 1: Helm: Mask, fins, and a small air bladder for 4 ROUNDS spent underwater, reusable; 2: Armor: Armor +1; 3: Arms: Sticky fingers make grappling and climbing EASY; 4: Legs: Armor +2, when moving far, leap with ease; Item Set Bonus: Dex +1, only talk saying "ribbit" at the beginning or end of every other sentence (some social tests are HARD because it gets annoying fast).

5: Gold Anime Armor: Lesser versions are silver or bronze and barely look like armor. This one, on the other hand, is thick. Zodiacal-sign-theming optional. 1: Helm: Armor +1; 2: Armor: Armor +3; 3: Arms: Armor +3; 4: Legs: Armor +2; Item Set Bonus: +3 to two different abilities (usually STR and DEX), Magical Effort +3 when you scream a spell or power’s name.

6: Gothic Lolita Set: IT’S NOT A PHASE, MOM, THIS IS WHO I AM. 1: Helm: Skull Hair Pins, INT Spell: Detect Evil; 2: Armor: Gothic Lolita Dress, Armor +2; 3: Arms: Gothic Lolita Gloves, Armor +1, INT Spell: Aazul’s Conjuration; 4: Legs: Gothic Lolita Knee-High Socks and High Heels, can kick for Weapon Damage; Item Set Bonus: +2 Weapon Effort with scythes, sickles, and similar weapons; Item Set Weapon: Gothic Scythe. Weapon [Chopping, Deadly, Large, Sharp], can hit two adjacent opponents with one strike.

7: Plague Doctor Costume: Very useful when there’s a virus around. 1: Helm: Plague Doctor Mask, with herbs, +3 to resist gas attacks and diseases; 2: Armor: Heavy Coat, Armor +1; 3: Arms: Corrosion-Proof Gloves, Armor +1, chemically treated leather that is immune to acid or corrosion; 4: Legs: Masterful Boots, Dex +1; Item Set Bonus: Immunity to diseases and gas attacks.

8: Santa’s Battle Suit: Red and gold heavy plated armor with intricate designs that depict reindeer, and reindeer skulls. 1: Helm: Santa’s Armored Cap, Armor +1, INT Spell: Detect Evil (“Santa knows if you’ve been nice or naughty”); 2: Armor: Heavy Plated Coat, Armor +3; 3: Arms: Plated Gloves, Armor +2; 4: Legs: Plated Boots, Armor +2; Item Set Bonus: Take half damage from any attack causing Basic or Weapon Effort; Item Set Weapon: Ho-ho-ho, Battle Axe. Weapon [Can’t be Sheathed, Chopping, Huge, Powerful, Unblockable], Magical Effort damage.

9: School Uniform Set, Armored: These are NOT your regular Japanese-style school uniform. They look like it, but it’s ARMORED! 1: Helm: Neck Protector, Armor +1; 2: Armor: Armored Jacket, Armor +3; 3: Arms: Armored Sleeves and Gloves, Armor +2; 4: Legs: Pants and shoes or sailor-style skirt, Armor +1; Item Set Bonus: Basic Effort +1, Weapon Effort +1 with a single class of weapons (different for each uniform)

10: Shinto Maiden Set: Magic shrine ladies are a classic anime trope! 1: Helm: Red Hair Band, INT Spell: Detect Evil; 2: Armor: White Shinto Kimono, Armor +2; 3: Arms: Red Armored Wind Fan, Armor +2 (as shield), can be used as Weapon [Concealed, Fast, Piercing, Thrown]; 4: Legs: Red Hakama, Armor +1; Item Set Bonus: Magic Effort +2

11: Shotoclone Kimono: Comes in red, white, black, or pink. 1: Helm: Hair Band, WIS Power: Chi Attack (ranged Magical Effort damage on a target on sight); 2: Armor: Kimono Jacket, Armor +1; 3: Arms: Black Belt Accessory, use Weapon Effort for unarmed attacks; 4: Legs: Kimono Pants, Armor +1; Item Set Bonus: Weapon Effort +2 on unarmed attacks.

12: Wizard Costume: FLY, YOU FOOLS! 1: Helm: Wizard hat, Armor +1, Magic Effort +1; 2: Armor: Robes, Armor +1; 3: Arms: Ring Accessory, Basic Effort +1; 4: Legs: Wizard boots, Dex +1; Set Bonus: Int +1, Basic Effort +1, Magic Effort +1; Set Weapon: Wizard Staff. Weapon [Light, Simple, Useful], holds up to three spells, Ultimate Effort +3 when casting spells.

Do you guys have any ideas for more sets? I had 20 more in the original campaign file, but selected only 12 for this. Which other sets would you like to see?

As always, hope you can find something useful there and have fun! The PDF version of this can be found here.


Artifact: Odin Armor

1: Helm: Armor +1, Basic Effort +1, WIS Power: True Sight
2: Armor: Armor +4, Basic Effort +1
3: Arms: Armor +3, Basic Effort +1, WIS Power: Divine Shield
4: Legs: Armor +2, Basic Effort +1

Item Set Bonus: +2 Str, +2 Dex, +2 Con, +2 Wis and the wearer can wield Balmung.

Artifact: Balmung: Longsword [Deadly, Indestructible, Large, Sharp]. Weapon, Magical, does Ultimate Effort damage and grants +2 on Checks and Effort. Ignores armor and monster effects that “ignore damage below X”.