I Need Your Help! What is your favorite ICRPG Community Content?



Hey Shieldwall! I need your help!

I’m trying to gather community content made for ICRPG for a project and I don’t want to miss anything. If you could take a moment, please let me know what your favorite piece(s) of ICRPG community content you’ve come across. Could be something you found on DriveThruRPG, came across on the forums, or made yourself. Any leads would be most appreciated! Thank you!

The ICRPG Community Content Site


The Waste Is Not Kind

Black Light


Ezzerharden Games GM Worksheet


I am also very proud of many of the things I have made, but it seems uncouth to post them myself.


“The Market” for ICRPG by Dan McIntyre. Really helped my table speed up value and shopping in game.


Post them, please :smiley: No shame in self-promotion here. I don’t want to miss any of the cool and amazing things the community has made and that includes you :wink:





the waste is not kind


@jordanwmartin’s Garden of the Temple — the art was SLIIIIIIIICK


This kumite martial arts hack is fun if it’s your bag so to speak. Good fun to use for wuxia and fist full of kung fu, big trouble in little China type adventures.




For me, it’s Formless Magic as it is the basis of why I choose to buy into ICRPG and make it the core engine of the game world I am running. What started out as a 3.5 game 25 years ago has continued to grow and evolve, the use of ICRPG and the concept of formless magic are just the latest evolution of the setting even if it is going to be used for the bronze era of the game world.

The other major concept I am including in my games is Travel as Challenge. This is because I personally despise unnatural or jarring transitions between major areas.


It’s not finished or buyable yet, but I definitely want to put my Brutal North project in the mix. The rules are basically complete at this point. I just need to play to get the world fleshed out. If you’re doing this as a video, I’ll gladly provide a link or something. Just let me know.


Shameless self promo, lol. :v::grin:

Jewel of the Monkey God

Whispers in the Well


Bit obscure as can’t seem to find this now shaoyun beta …Korean themed ancient gods and fighters
I read it through and thought it was very interesting and good inspiration.



I need to see if I can get it up on drive through RPG. Glad it helped!!


Ayo! Thx for sharing my stuff. Holy cow that is super old and I totally abandoned it haha. I actually made a very extensive and way more streamlined hack after that (+ way better layout), but it’s spanish only and it’s for personal use only, because it has copyrighted art on it :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll think about re-posting later.


@Khan’s stuff!


Jewel of the Monkey God is really a nice one :ok_hand: