Return of the Mario Bros Hack!


Once upon a time I got the crazy notion of running a game of ICRPG in the Mushroom Kingdom, full blown 2-D Side-scroller on a virtual tabletop. It was stupid fun and totally worked! Well, two years later and with a huge help from @George_Taray, it’s back! We present to you: 8-Bit Heroes

We’ve made some revisions and updated all the maps, tokens, bits, and put together a fancy PDF. We are both super proud and happy with the work we’ve done and are overjoyed to share this with everyone. Please feel free to copy all these goodies and get your dice rolling. Thanks everyone!

Inside this Google Drive Link you’ll find the PDF and a few folders to help organize all the fun stuff.

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Thanks for sharing sir, this just jumped to the top of my one shot list.

Keep doing what you do @JDStirling and @George_Taray ! I look forward to your next post.


This updated version is a total collaboration with George Taray. We took the original thing I did then polished and scrubbed till we made it something better than it began as. George did some amazing work to lift it up. I cannot take all the credit for what it became, 50% is plenty, hehehehe.


Keep the peepers peeled for upcoming games! I definitely want to run a bunch more of this and can’t wait to bring some folks into the 8 Lands. :slight_smile::mushroom::heart:


Hell Yeah!!! the long awaited update. this hack is fantastic dude. really great work!


An absolute blast to play and collab on this. I really hope folks get a chance to run this for their friends. All the maps are high resolution and can be printed and used as is. I ran this at a convention last year, and I think it really shines in that area.

I’ve got the gears turning on a sequel to this, something more inspired by Legend of Zelda.


This is great! Thanks for sharing your work.


Oh damn, I forgot to put the cards in the folder!
Adding those in now. They’re so good. :heart:

Also I am so excited to see Zelda! :raised_hands: :herocoin:


A few of the cards don’t entirely match up to what’s in the doc, since I made the cards for my v2 iteration of the module, and this is v3, but most of them do.


This is awesome I love how it is set-up whilst also allowing the freedom to make what you want out of it. This is a perfect example of how ICRPG can be used for any thematic!


Dayum dudes! These is the coolest thing. I LOVE the character sheet!


The Character Sheet is all George’s magic touch. He did absolutely gorgeous work. :heart:


Hey, me and a friend picked this up a while ago and thought we might post some house rules we’ve thought up.
What is this, anyway?

Basically, we said, “This is cool and all, but wouldn’t it be cooler if…”, so we did just that.


Mastery is unchanged from base ICRPG. 8-bit Heroes doesn’t give us any specific Mastery abilities, so have fun with it! This can range anywhere from additional item slots to modified special abilities*.


Subclasses are personal items either chosen by players at the beginning of the game or sold by rare out-of-the-way vendors across the world. Subclasses are here to bring more variation to the world of 8-bit Heroes and fill out a specific niche that a Player might have in mind*. Subclass items aren’t considered “equipment” and are more just little trinkets or patches that represent a subclass, such as an amulet or a pair of shoes. For instance, a subclass dedicated to a more defensive playstyle could be something like light armor or steel-toed boots*. Subclasses can also be chosen to be upgraded by Mastery.

*ALL of this kinda stuff is chosen by players and reviewed by the GM. If the GM allows it, your subclass could be anything from vomiting nuclear warheads to having slightly better eyesight. Most of this stuff is just how we like to play the game, so feel free to change anything you want.


Wow! Just Wow! That is AMAZING! :grin: