Content Creation Regulations


Form up, Shield Wall!

  1. For anyone planning to build content sheets, one-shots, settings, classes, loot tables and the like, please include this badge on any material you put on the 'net!

  2. Respect Hank’s copyright and do not incorporate any of his content into a derivative work without his permission. This statement goes double for art.

  3. Under the terms of the international Creative Commons License, you can create content for use with ICRPG, but you can’t incorporate CORE rules, monsters, spells, or loot verbatim. Use a citation to the source, if you need to reference the source.

For example, you want to create a monster manual for use with ICRPG. That’s awesome! Just don’t plunk down the stats of monsters that are already in The CORE or WORLDS. Rather, create your own! If you need to reference an Eye Beast or something, that’s fine; just cite the page in the CORE manual. “Use the same table for the Eye Beast, p. 103.”

  1. When writing adventures, you can use terms like Timer, Threat, Treat, Disruption, Location, Obstacle, Goal, etc. You just can’t use the definitions of these concepts or explain them. The rationale here is this: we want people to actually buy Hank’s work. So, help him out by not giving away the mechanics.

  2. Respect Hank’s brand and the “look” of ICRPG. If you make something that looks too close to the original, people may confuse whether your work is part of the brand. You have to have Hank’s permission to create something with that ICRPG look.

  3. When in doubt, just email Hank and get permission. As the copyright holder and license holder, he can give his blessing to any project. Heck, he may even grant you a license to use his material freely or ask to include your work as part of ICRPG canon. At a minimum, he’ll probably give you a special mention if it’s extra cool. So, always reach out. For any offline convos or questions, Hank can be reached at:

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Doesn’t get any clearer. Thanks for the guidance.


I know before we were putting the find Runehammer here at the front of the book it usually looked like this:

For ICRPG visit RUNEHAMMER to Learn more, and join the growing ICRPG community:
and on YouTube at RUNEHAMMER

Should we change include this new cite now since its ICRPG social HQ now? If so so we replace facebooks link or keep both?


Hey @DropDice, yes, I would definitely include the new site along with the existing links:; Runehammer on facebook; and Runehammer on YouTube. The new site here just replaces the Google+ community, but having all four definitely showcases all of the ways to access all things Runehammer.




Well #5 went the opposite way than I expected. I’d been thinking the challenge was trying to match his style to give the entire line of affiliated products a unifying look–and that intimidated me super bad. But just having the art be “not like that” freaks me out a lot less. I feel like I can do “not like that”.


I hope this is just a Friendly Reminder and not something prompted by some putz actually having done anything to violate the Copyright. I quote Page and Source myself in my own written things, mostly as an effort to help me better learn the Rules by having to reference them.


Not even a friendly reminder, as no remedial action was necessary. It’s just here in case folks have questions. Informational only. :smiley:


And for those of you who are just wondering how to properly cite Hank’s work or other ICRPG materials MLA style :wink: :


Index Card RPG Core: Second Edition. Runehammer Games, 2018.

Walthall, Daniel F. “Axebane’s Moldy Codex”. Issue #1, 2017.


The facebook link has a spelling error.

Runehammer.Games (missing the a…).


Nice, exactly what I was looking for. I’m going to be bugging you about a little something I’m fiddling around with as soon as it’s ready.



I am considering writing setting book, and am pretty much set on ICRPG. However it will feature change to the leveling system, new classes and some new rules like backgrounds.

Is this possible ?


Yessir. If it’s your own work, you are all good. You can reference the Core, but you can’t use the language from the Core. Make sure the ICRPG badge is on the cover page. In essence, if your work is compatible with the system without giving away the mechanics of the system, you are good. An extension that you create is fine.