POCKETjam #001: Great Gerblins (Nov. 8th-23rd)



Greetings Runehammerians!

These forums are packed full of incredibly talented hackers, choppers and creators. I’d love to get as many of us as possible to jump in on one challenge to flood the forum with bite-sized content all based on a single theme to see the breadth of our creativity. With that in mind, I introduce to you, the POCKETjam!

The POCKETjam is all about creating a variety of content usable for our favorite RUNEHAMMER games. As this is a community building event, there are no prizes or placements for the submissions. This is about shining a light on our little corner of the internet’s creative power and building new connections in our community.

The theme for the first ever POCKETjam is GREAT GERBLINS!

Once mischievous and misunderstood, these proud and noble folk have joined the fight against the evil they used to serve and have become the backbone of Alfheim’s technological innovations.

Little is known about their lands and ways, and much more is fabricated to excite and entice the more imaginative of Alfheim’s population.

Now is your chance to make your mark by adding to the wealth of new knowledge (or expand the mythos) of the GERBLIN folk by creating a short adventure, some class options, new loot or spells… the limits are endless!

As long as the focus of your submission is the GREAT GERBLINS of Alfheim, any and all content is welcome.

Anything and everything is welcome in the POCKETjam. The only criteria is that it stick to the theme of GREAT GERBLINS and that it fits in the POCKETMOD BOOKLET format. The POCKETMOD is made from a single sheet of paper, cut and folded into a (you guessed it) pocket-sized book with a front and back cover as well as six interior pages.

This is your canvas to come up with content to spice up your table. Use this thread as well as the RUNEHAMMER Discord to discuss, collaborate and share your works in progress.

The POCKETjam will run from November 8th to November 23rd. A new forum thread will be created for final submissions near the end date.

Keep in mind our community’s Content Creation Regulations when working on your submission, and most of all, HAVE FUN! Can’t wait to see what we all come up with!

POCKETjam #001: Great Gerblins Submissions (Nov 23rd)

Hi everybody!

I thought it would be helpful to give a little rundown on how to create a pocketmod booklet if you’ve never done it before.

The way I got started making these booklets was in Word. I changed the page size to 2.75" x 4.25" and made the margins tiny, .1" all around. From there, I would have 8 pages in a pocketmod, including a front and back cover to fill with cool content. Once full, export to PDF and then use a site like https://pdftoimage.com/ to covert the PDF to images. Open a new Word doc with a full 8.5" x 11" page and again, tiny margins and arrange the exported images in the below order then print, fold and enjoy.

If you have access to a publishing program like Adobe InDesign or Affinity Publisher, it’s a lot easier since you can arrange the content on one page as you go.

I’ve added some templates at the bottom of the post that will get you started with a single pocketmod sized page in Word or a full pocketmod in Affinity Publisher. Happy hacking!



I wasn’t sure that I would enter but I came up with something fun. Any chance you have a finished example? Would help with the creative process!


Nothing finished yet, I’m going to get started journal crafting tonight!


Here’s a few templates for a landscape layout pocketbook. Not very gobliny in terms of graphics, but a simple place to start. Let me know if you try this and how it works

There’s landscape and portrait, pdf or psd options for both.

Landscape Template - psd
Landscape Template - pdf
Portrait Template - psd
Portrait Template - pdf

POCKETjam #002: Dwarven Depths (Jan 17th - Jan 31st)

After being taken out with a nasty head cold for the last few days, I’m finally feeling well enough to sit at a computer and dig in to working on my jam. Still picking at the nuts and bolts, but I have an idea that makes me excited the more I think about it.

Here’s a little teaser…

I’ll try to fit as many as I can into the limited space that the pocketmod form offers, 3-5 is the goal with some background to explain why these noble green-skinned folk took to the stars.


I :green_heart: this SO much already… Space goblins FTW! :sunglasses:


Preview of some Gerblin Bridge Burners incoming! This is the best piece of character art I can manage haha. Getting my submission finished this weekend!


Started a thread for completed submissions here:


Greetings, and happy New Year. :shield:

Will there be a POCKETjam challenge for January?


I do plan on doing more of these. I’ll try to get one cooked up for the second half of the month each month!


Outstanding :sunglasses:

Here’s one vote in favor of a one-page five-room dungeon POCKETjam :+1: