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I’m not looking to cause a fuss, and don’t even have project in mind. I was just going through my books in light of another game trying to change their license on already published materials.

In the ICRPG Master Edition, it says that it is both protected and open for use under the Creative Commons 4.0 license, without referring to what specific use rights that it conveys, and to see the forums here for details.

Looking here for details, all I can find is a post from 2018 ( Content Creation Regulations ) with guidelines that do not appear to me to be directly related to any Creative Commons license that I am aware of, so I presume that it is related to the use and display of the “For Use With Index Card RPG” bagde. Which seems perfectly reasonable.

My question is this:
What CC License (BY/SA/NC/ND/CC0) is ICRPG available under? Secondarily, based on the tenor of the note above, is the preference for people to ignore the CC license and only use the badged approach going forward?

Just trying to understand the ground rules because I’m putting together someting about non-OGL games that others can look as alternatives.


I’ve had those same questions. I decided to move forward with the Content Creation regulations posted on this site since the book refers to them and ignore the claim that the contents are released under a CC license mostly because the CC licenses can’t have additional terms added to them (based on the terms of use of the licenses on the CC site). It’s only a matter of time though, especially now that creators are actively seeking out alternative systems, that someone is going to assume the full book is under a CC attribution license because of that statement in the book. I hope there is some clarity from Hankerin at some point to make using the content commercially less murky.

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Hankerin just launched this page and it includes the creation regs and license info. Some of it restates what’s in the content post here on the forums, but it also has some fresh surprising extras.


nice! I missed that, thanks for posting!