ICRPG Official Adventure Template



My shields!
Attached here are the source files you need to create ICRPG adventures. I’ve attached the ADOBE INDESIGN and PDF files for all the way you maniacs chop docs up. Make awesome things, and fear no evil.


A Magic Item Template
The Drowned Bride, an ICRPG Adventure
Repository: Templates
Remixing adventure template into target cards


Whaaaaat this is awesome!


I’ll keep my eye out for a chest full of hero coins for you, Hank.


Curious if this is supposed to be Form Fillable? or if my computer is acting up?


nope, you need indesign or acrobat to edit these…


Thanks for sharing these!

It’s a challenge for me to make my stuff look professional from a visual and graphic design standpoint. I’m more of a wordsmith. I’m hoping for more resources like this over time that help make the stuff we shield wallers put out into the world present ICRPG in the best possible way!


I cant get this to work on my computer.


If you don’t provide any information on what’s not working, no one can help.


a small how to:
you need a few fonts, which have been discussed before (nusaliver, calibri, fatbread)
Open the INDD file with indesign to edit and drag in artwork.
Open the pdf with acrobat to do the same, but with far less capability/options




That’s awesome!

You can also edit the PDF in a much less convenient way in things like Inkscape (free) or Affinity Designer (~$60).


Is it possible for you to save the template as a .ps or .eps for use with Scribus? I could be wrong here, don’t know much about publishing software!


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It’s also possible it’s a bug.

@Nickster. You got any insight?


Hey @Skill1137, HERE is a blank .sla template for use with Scribus.

Any desired fonts can be added. A similar .pdf template was also thrown in for general community use.


Scribus should be able to import the INDD file