ICRPG Official Adventure Template



Not really, if it’s unpinnned for you it should drop to the bottom. Each user can unpin specific topics for themselves


I have the current version (1.4.7) but Scribus (for the mac at least) doesn’t have the option to open .indd files - it says it has to be exported to .eps :frowning:

If anyone knows a workaround though, that would be awesome!


EPS! Here ye be hermano!
as an aside, though, scribus/eps is EESH as a workflow. Take a good look at indesign! It’s the way to go!


Muchos Garcias! Yeah, Indesign is much better, but I am a super casual user, so free works well enough for my once a year family newsletter :wink:


Whoa. Super cool. Thanks for handing us the template!


@Nicolas_Bohnenberger here it is!


Thanks! Couldn’t find it by searching…


This thing should be favorited, pinned or something. Awesome.


Just wanted to move this up in the forums to remind everyone about it**… @Alex Can we get this pinned somewhere its easy to get to? … Maybe make a Pinned like the Resources section?? just a thought.


It is pinned @Ezzerharden! :stuck_out_tongue:


I am not adding my Like to ruin that!!!..I did for a second and then just removed it.

Thanks @Ezzerharden not sure if you gathered it from our conversations…but it is totaly one of the things I needed right now :stuck_out_tongue:


I see it is pinned…but it just keeps moving???


Every time you view it, you unpin it for yourself. Sadly, it’s a “feature” of discourse.


Thanks HF,
very cool


I would love to use this but it’s missing all of its graphic resources.

heart.png, bannersidebanner.png, corner.png, header.png, horiz 1.png, horiz 2.png, page base.jpg, red tip divider.png, vert 1.png, red dot.png

Could you package this for us without the fonts?


indesign package file with fonts, images.