ICRPG Official Adventure Template


Not really, if it’s unpinnned for you it should drop to the bottom. Each user can unpin specific topics for themselves


I have the current version (1.4.7) but Scribus (for the mac at least) doesn’t have the option to open .indd files - it says it has to be exported to .eps :frowning:

If anyone knows a workaround though, that would be awesome!


EPS! Here ye be hermano!
as an aside, though, scribus/eps is EESH as a workflow. Take a good look at indesign! It’s the way to go!


Muchos Garcias! Yeah, Indesign is much better, but I am a super casual user, so free works well enough for my once a year family newsletter :wink:


Whoa. Super cool. Thanks for handing us the template!


@Nicolas_Bohnenberger here it is!


Thanks! Couldn’t find it by searching…