A Magic Item Template


After @Lon post the other day, One way to handle identifying magic items, I was inspired to start working on a magic item template or table for creating quick magical items. Here is what I got so far if anyone wants to use it! Unless noted, most status effects last 1d4 rounds.

Repository: Templates

I LOVE tables like this. Fun and well done, man. Thank you for sharing.


Now this… THIS is a tool to make magic items with!.. I could see it being used for most loot as well… warp shell weapons, artifacts, spellbooks, etc and so no… Very good idea @Kindred … Game On!


This is super cool! Nice work on this!


very cool. i like the feel of the table


Oh wow LOL we are like on a similar wavelength today! This looks awesome


When I saw the card you made, I just imagined dice tables to randomize new items! LOL


What you made is a thing of beauty. Thanks for sharing it!


Very nice! Definitely a fun thing to use!


This is really smart - well done.


This table is great!!! although i was wondering where can you get the page border? i would like to have some of my player material with the kick ass ICRPG border.


There’s an indesign file floating around here somewhere. I just saw somebody else post the link. I’ll try to find it again when I have a moment.


As someone who isn’t going to shell out for InDesign, I’d sure love a more open format.

I don’t know if Affinity Designer or Affinity Publisher can open .indd files, but if they can then that’s a much cheaper option ($50 for each of those apps).