The Drowned Bride, an ICRPG Adventure


Hi everybody,

I took the plunge and started learning InDesign to put together an adventure I’ve been wanting to publish for a while. I took inspiration from a couple of Decemberists songs to create the narrative and the big bad.

Here’s The Drowned Bride!

I Need Your Help! What is your favorite ICRPG Community Content?

That’s some killer stuff right there. Excellent execution.


Really amazing! The technical execution is spot on. I especially love the maps!!!


That looks great! Love the artwork.


Well done! That looks amazing!


Great stuff! This is really cool, thanks for the hard work!


Hell yeah, man. Those looks so damned good. Thank you.


I think it’s great you’re using song lyrics as inspiration. More than once I’ve thought as I listened to a song, especially epic metal stuff, that I could just use the lyrics to quickly prep an adventure!


I listen to the 1977 animated Hobbit soundtrack.


Wow great stuff! The maps are on point!


Engraved tankard with the initials “HF”

I like the inside baseball talk there~!


Amazing work! It looks awesome!


Woohoo that’s awesome! Excellent work dude!


This is great. Thanks for sharing!

Is there a template for producing this format? I love the consistency with the homebrew ICRPG content; and if I ever create something to share I’d love to follow suit.



This is great.

Now I need to find someone that knows and has in design, lol.


@Shenron you can get a free trial. I felt a bit lost and probably should have given it more time but I didn’t.

I have been messing around with Affinity Publisher which has a suite of 3 softwares for $49 each out the door and jumps you right into user tutorial videos.

There is a learning curve but it isn’t a steep one. They also offer a 10 day free trial for each program. I might go with this since I don’t think I need a subscription program for something I do maybe once a month on a weekend. I am, however, probably keeping photoshop over the program they offer. I use that way more than a publishing tool.

I did my first one using nothing but word and yoinking the art from the PDF Alex shared for the “backgrounds” because I intentionally wanted to see if you needed fancy stuff - I didn’t. Even the art was hand drawn.

You just have to roll up your sleeves and ask for help when you can’t figure it out. OR just take a picture of your journal and post it up!

@gh0sth0rse this is rad! Thank you for sharing! I totally forgot maps and now have to go tweak mine :wink: You for sure inspired me with this one.


I agree … Affinity Publisher is a solid alternative. (IMHO, all of Affinity products are solid.) I made the switch from a subscription service to Adobe to all of the Affinity suite and I have not looked back!
I thinks its more intuitive than Adobe and works really well. Even for some of the more complex layout and photoshop tasks… … Game On!


I’m with you, plus I think there’s a good variety of people with skills in both Affinity and Adobe software that if anyone wants to learn or gets stuck, they can find help.