Remixing adventure template into target cards



This post is a bit of remix of others (hope its in the right place!)

I’ve taken the resources from the Official Adventure template and remixed that with the target cards concept.

I’ve put together a couple of variations:

Repository: Templates

My players are really bad at mental math so I’m stealing the idea to put the hard and easy number on the cards, thanks a lot !


Can these be put up on drivethrurpg as a card deck for Print on demand? I would love to have these for my game!


@MasterJohn happy to… but @Runehammer what’s the deal here? I don’t want to step on any toes as this is all your art / genius… maybe I could do the legwork (you’re super busy!) and you add them to your official Drivethru account?

(And also I guess it’d be good to get some official feedback about how they should look.

@MasterJohn - which size were you thinking?


I think just poker card size would be fine. As long as @Runehammer is cool with it. :slight_smile:
Poker fits with all the decks.
Tarot would be good across a table, but there aren’t many good tarot card boxes to hold them in.

Would the count fill up a 52 card deck?
It would be like a GM ICRPG Utility Deck.
If you need to fill up the 52 cards, possibly different colors for counters/countdowns for different events?