I Need Your Help! What is your favorite ICRPG Community Content?



For my own stuff, I like to think that my Burn Die is pretty cool! :blush:

And while I do not think that my Eyes of Chronepsis are as cool, they got a :heart: like :heart: from @Runehammer so they make me feel special! :star_struck:

Best for last though:

This GM Assistant Product by @Kindred has some really useful random tables

I’m a big fan of Black Light even if I’ve only played it once!

The Heart Monitor from @Tilmah is a very useful tool!

@rpgerminator makes some fun stuff!

And of course, there’s the community adventure Beyond the Gate & Key that I still need to run someday soon!

I’m pumped to see what else this community makes! Thanks @KaneDriscol for this opportunity for a little… community retrospective I guess we could call it? :smile:


Katana Tentacle Party aka “Yakuzas vs the Mythos” ICRPG adventure by Alexandre Kobayashi. Had to look into the following website where it is tagged as FREE: https://www.dieheart.net/index-card-rpg-resources/ and link to google drive is still active.


Thank you everyone for your suggestions! I don’t know if I would have found all of these without your help! If you’re hoping to see this collection of suggestions gathered in one place, check out this post:


Whoa, this is incredible! It’s really cool to see all of it together in one spot!


This is amazing!! Take a hero coin! :herocoin:

You are a gentleman and a scholar!!


I have this ICRPG fantasy hack, which I made for playing DnD/PF campaigns and adventure paths. New traditional bioforms, classless, ability-focused, spellburn based level-less magic. Including travelling rules mixed from PF1e and Dungeon World. Influenced here and there by Dragon Age.


@KaneDriscol when we find new ICRPG community content do you want us to just keep adding to this thread or is there a more formal process now that the website featuring content is up and running? Also, that’s a lot of content on DTRPG, anything we can do to help promote drivethru adding a ICRGP product category to help the community contnet be more noticed?


Good questions! The most formal way of suggesting content would be just emailing support@icrpgcommunitycontent.com (or using the send message button on the bottom of the site), but posting here works too. The only downside is that continually posting here can kind of create a perpetual, never dying post that is always floating to the top and pushing all new posts and creations down. We still want to see the forums being a fluid and vibrant community of discussion. The site is just a library.

As for DTRPG, we’ve reached out about Community Content options there, but that’s still in the works.


A related question to DTRPG, What if we submit content made for use with ICRPG on Big Geek Emporium instead of DTRPG?

Or is there some kind of exclusivity deal with DTRPG and content made for use with ICRPG that I have over looked?


Exclusivity with DTRPG relates directly to the choice of each individual content creator. You can decide to release your content through DTRPG non-exclusively that will allow you to sell the same stuff on other platforms (the downside is that they take a bigger cut).


Yeah, @rpgerminator nailed it. You can post your stuff on DTRPG or on your platform of choice. Like Runehammer has his own personal shop and a few resources have been posted to itch.io. DTRPG is just the most commonly frequented place, but hopefully, with this central location, we can point to available content wherever it’s available.


My hexed out version of Legendary Iradrum. Very old school hex-crawl and inter-connected.


Now on DriveThruRPG :grinning:


And now updated on the community site :smiley: