Beyond the Gate & Key Community Adventure



Beyond the Gate & Key PDF

Print-n-Play PDF

It has been just over a month of work but I think we got it!

We set out to collaborate and create a haunted adventure perfect for any Halloween one-shots and we finished with BEYOND THE GATE & KEY! An adventure that was meant to be tweaked and altered so it can be played in any genre, time, or world!

I want to thank @skippy, @Looten, @Angram091, @BlazingPolyhedron, @Kingroy23, @Hans-Arsch for their help and creativity on this project. I was blown away by all of their ideas!

An extra thank you goes to @TheWunderLich for providing the cover art and illustrations and taking a big bulk of this project.

Please enjoy this adventure and let us know what you think!

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I was so glad to be a part of this experience! If anyone else would like to collaborate on more projects I would be happy to lend a hand once again. We showed that as a community we can work together to be creative, and make badass stuff for our fellow lumpy heads. As always Strength, Honor, and the Shield Wall!


I’m starting to recognize @TheWunderLich art on sight! Good stuff as always!


Just read through it. Kick ass!!! Fun, not too dark, but dark enough. Make me want to burn the fires bright, but still tell stories in the dark.

Great content and effort!! Why I am so happy to be part of this community!


Also, here is a link to the print and play tokens for the adventure. I think Tabita and the dogs are missing right now since they got added recently(earlier today), but I’m sure it will get updated eventually


it was an honor to be part of this.
Hope we can keep this running and this won’t be the last community project!




Well done guys! Nice release!


This is an awesome project! Well done!


I just updated the original post with links to the adventure PDF and the Print-n-Play sheet. I separated the two for easier downloads :slight_smile:


One for allya

Stoked to run this this weekend!


Thank you! That’s so exciting! Please let us know how it goes :smile:


We just need to start thinking about the next one right away! A Christmas project?


Great project, was fun to work with you all! The result is amazing and I can’t wait to play it with my friends!! :smiley:

Awesome job, everyone!! :smiley:


This is wonderful, with opportunities built in for some really nice chills and thrills. Looks like it will be a ton of fun to play or run!

Great work, y’all.


This has been such a wonderful experience. I’m glad I got to work with such talented people and be part of bringing this to life.


This was a such a fun experience! Can’t wait to participate in another (fingers-crossed for sci-fi :face_with_hand_over_mouth: ).

Great work everyone.


Daaaaaaaang, everyone. I am feeling like I really missed out on being a part of this. I’ve been neck-deep in my own gaming projects, but I’d also like to collaborate on things like this. You all are an inspiration!

How did you Interface with each other to collaborate? Chat? Video? Phone? Email? All of the above? What advice would you give to would-be collaborative teams?


Actually, none of the above lol.

We talked mainly through the forum post and I started a discord channel for the community dungeon group. Then I opened up a Google doc where people could dump their ideas after submitting a draft via the discord channel.

My advice to a collab team would be to make sure you keep checking in with the other parties involved. You want to make sure your theme is cohesive, so if everyone else is gearing their section towards a certain theme you want to make sure your puzzle piece fits with theirs. That isn’t to say you can’t deviate from the path a bit or do something unexpected. Just remember that it has to flow, it doesn’t really work as an “adventure” if everyone does a bunch of non sequiter encounters.


Why wait? Let’s do it! We don’t have to have seasonal thematic tie-ins. If you want to spike out a sci-fi adventure, I’m down. Whether it’s a one-shot following the model we used for this current effort, or a larger collection of encounters, I’d love to help.