Legendary Iradrum


Between the times when the Ocean Drank Atlantis and Rise of the Brood of Durathrax, there was an age undreamed of, Hither came the brave adventurers, sullen-eyed, swords in hand, thieves, reavers, slayers, with gigantic melancholies and gigantic mirth, to tread the jeweled thrones of Urth under their sandaled feet!

This is a hex’ed out version of Ire with some creative tensions I made before the fall of Iradrum was “canon” for ICRPG. Comes complete with towns, challenges, opportunities, tensions, rivals, extra keeps, and particular attention made to the connected nature of the economy on the island. I hope you like it and find it useful for inspiration in your own games - Deathbare.

Economy of Iradrum in a nutshell: Norburg is the capital sells trade goods, weapons, ores from the kinder mine via a treaty with the Dwarves of Stormforge to the mainland Shipshelm and Gilshelm via the Emerald Sea. Dwarves get a cut of the wealth and trade goods from the Mainland. Treaty is called the Silver Streams Treaty.

Roads connect Stormforge to Full Sails and Fairwinds which are then connected via roads to Norburg, transportation is through wagon or ship.

Fair Winds is a halfway point between Stormforge and Norburg, goods are transported and taxed via sea or via wagon depending on the time of year and urgency, Fair Winds is the safer route due to the harbor

Full Sails is a feeder town to Norburg and is considered a suburb which relieves financial burden from docking small ships at the main city at the cost of time to market

Stormforge ruled by King Bran Rockcrusher and his clan, treaty with humans led to a large portion of the clan to break off forming the Iron Resolve, who harass human trade routes, led by Tharin Rockcrusher the kings brother

Castle Wellington ruled by former adventurer Honor Wellington (lvl 10 Fighter) with Heavy Horsemen Mercenaries on patrols. Honor’s troops patrol the roads in the southern part of Iradrum, keeping the road from Full Sails and Fair Winds somewhat safe but they are spread too thin to provide real support

WildHeart Refuge is a forest sanctuary of the Elves on Iradrum, they consider themselves superior, no trespassing in the Wild Wood, and demand a heavy tax of any goods using the road, ruled by lvl 7 Elf Sato has archer patrols

Castle Resolve led by Tharin Rockrusher and small army of iron clad dwarves, The Iron Resolve, harass human trade routes, has a tenuous treaty with the Falling Axe Clan

Deathspear Keep led by Lotar Deathspear, orcish warchief of the Falling Axe Clan, raids human and dwarven trade routes due to being cut out of the Silver Streams (for being untrustworthy Orcs)

Encounters and Details:

•Along the coasts, pirate refuges, sea caves, and ship wrecks

•Throughout the forests ruins of ancient Xothyl pock mark the terrain

•Bandits strongholds are never too far from civilization

•Undead from Witchwood and Xothyl are spreading their influence, each with a roving champion

•Fair Winds Port is a good starting town, population is 250 and dwindling. Challenges are Orc Raids, Bandit Toll Roads, Iron Resolve Raids, the Witchwood Scourge, and Pirates and Smuggling. Opportunities are shipwrecks, Pirate Treasure Troves, ruined strongholds and crypts, and the source of the scourge in Witchwood.

•Full Sails Port population is 400 and growing. Challenges Bandits Toll Roads, Elven Raids on Caravans, Pirates and Smuggling, and the Undead Scourge from the lost city of Xothyl. Opportunities are shipwrecks, Pirate Treasure, Artifacts and riches from the Lost City, and bandit treasure horde

•Norburg is the source of all commerce on Iradrum, deals and negotiations are kept and made here. Population of 7000 and growing. Challenges are plenty such as the Doomvault, Bandits, pirates, smuggling, murder, kidnapping, thievery, corruption, tensions with the Dwarves, with the Elves, with the Orcs, with the towns, everyone wants something from Norburg. Brings plenty of opportunity. Settle negotiations with Elves, Orcs, or Dwarves, join or fight against the pirates, thieves guild, assassins guild, Castle Wellington is always hiring strong sword arms for patrols, caravans and ships require guards and the Martel Company is sending expeditions to a place called Hot Springs Island – adventure and riches await!

•Xothyl is a massive underground labyrinth of the dead ruled by a star-faring lich named Lazarus. He wants the city returned to prominence and to leave this planet. His champions tend to be Death Knights, his old officers. He has a Star Ship somewhere down there. All he needs is the right power source…

•Stormforge does not let anyone in. No exceptions.

•Trade is done through a corrupt “sky-dwarf” called York. York has created quite a few Steel Resolve sympathizers with his shrewd deals

•Stormforge has dug deep in the Kinder Peaks for ore and precious minerals. So deep that they discovered a black gate of some kind. Experiments with the gate have left several dwarves insane and something has come through threatening the city

•Witchwood is run by a coven of hags currently. They have a massive Yog Crystal power source which they use to corrupt the land and raise the dead. They want to corrupt from the shadows but they accidently awoke an elder god and it is a bit more ambitious. To keep it placated they have begun advancing the witchwood. Lazarus would be interested to know about the Yog Crystal. The elder god has attracted some Coal Demons who act as Champions.

I Need Your Help! What is your favorite ICRPG Community Content?

What program did you use to make it?


Dungeon Scrawl for the main map overlay and Powerpoint for the details. I would have uploaded it here but the Forums don’t allow Powerpoint uploads. I’ll post some of the random tables I use in the next few days. Helps tell the story.


What is the Red Water Cavern?

It’s a pirate cove, that’s where the smugglers, kidnappers, and all around baddies hang out.
Led by Admiral Black Bart who has been hired by the Iron Resolve, and Falling Axe Orcs, and rivals of Shipshelm to harrass the shipping lanes. Challenges there are acquiring food and drink, rival pirate factions, and pirate hunters. Opportunities, plunder ships, find rival’s buried treasure, and do things to increase your reputation as a charismatic and savvy pirate who can bring in the loot.

100ish total pirates at the Cavern each has a separate cove on the shores of Ire, none save Bella know who Bart works for.

Prince Edmond; Black Bart’s War Galley
Cloud Clipper; Small Galley run by Red Bella who wants to usurp Black Bart
Pleasant Knights; Small Galley run by Capn’ Tim who is jealous of Red Bella
Pete’s Revenge: Small Galley run by Pistol Pete a mage with a grudge against Norburg’s Mage Guild
Far Cry; Small Galley run by Sage LaTorra who has a crush on Red Bella
The Falcon; Small Galley run by Han Solo who is a rival of Kirk
The Enterprise; Small Galley run by Capn’ Kirk who is a rival of Han

Full time staff at Red Water Cavern:
Smith/Carpenter Gary, pressed into service works as the head shipwright, carpenter, smith wants supplies
Black Market: Halfling Shifty Shellshock buys and sells magic gear, works at Fairwinds too rotationally
Lodging and tavern Sniffing Squid Dwarf Ol’ Corbon wants better gar and tomato selection
Each Captn’ owes Bart a percentage of their loot as the captain’s share


Overland travel: I generally do one encounter check a hex. I do this by rolling an unmodified D20 against the target number, if I meet or beat it an encounter happens. Hope you find it useful and an inspiration for your own game - Deathbare


Xothyl is an interesting location. Here’s one interpretation of it as 3 layer dungeon. The map will take some “splainin” though as I haven’t keyed and numbered the whole place. Big idea is, Xothyl itself is reachable via the ruins in the center of Iradrum. There are multiple entryways so unless you realllllllly want them to start at a location just roll a D12 and they arrive in that location.

Each entry location is a basement of a ruined structure. Obviously from there you can just make up whatever you want each room to be. Here’s how I envisioned it; the big idea is you are building a “power gauntlet” slowly as you move through the levels. This gauntlet will eventually be the key to the Space Ship in the lower levels but that’s a story for another time :wink: Exploration is another main idea here. I recommend you either shadow this map up or don’t show it all on a VTT. Make sure you are keeping time here too, resource management in here combines with the exploration to make this fun, though you can keep the pressure in other ways, the slow burn of the resources keeps this more in the spirit of Dora the Explorer instead of DOOM.

The overall theme is undead with a mix of accidental occupants.

There are 3 ways to progress to the next level, all doors leading to them are sealed magically/technologically. The passageway themselves are sealed with a “wall of force” of some kind, double security - they don’t want you down there. If you can follow me they are the stairs that are boxed in (mid and top right quad) and the hole in the top left quadrant.

All depictions of statues are hints to how to open the doors and progress to the next level. Book shelves also have hints and rituals for what’s going on in the lower levels.

The lower level door key, which I envision as a four finger ring is in the pot in the lower left quadrant. Notice the traps - lots of um’. Dead bodies in them can be nice hints and nice loot.

Once you can access those doors, the party should find that the second part of the security, the aforementioned wall of force is securing the entrances - except the hole in the top left. However going down that way has it’s own hazards. To bypass the walls of force you’ll need the Yog crystal in the top right quad. Unfortunately it’s not the crystal but the power from the crystal that needs to get in the ring. The statues around give the hint with some investigation. To get the power from the crystal, you’ll need the ring slot.

The ring slot Is in the treasure room in the top right quad just left of the Yog Crystal. The key to that room is guarded by an appropriately challenging beasty in the mushroom room in the lower left quadrant. That room will have the noxious vapors that will be a common part of the second floor. I recommend disadvantage or hard rolls for everything in that room if you aren’t protected somehow. You can ramp that up by every turn players roll a D6, on a 1 they lose 1 HP, can seal them in too if you are feeling particularly sadistic.

Once the party has the room key they can get the Ring Slot, power it up with the crystal, which will allow access to the second floor. Might be a good time for a milestone or epic loot drop.

Map is coming - I’m having trouble uploading it at the moment.


Alright best I can seem to do is a Google Drive link. Sorry about that, I guess a 5Mb file is just too dang big.




Cool dungeon. :+1: I like all the mushrooms.