The ICRPG Community Content Site



Hey! This has already started getting passed around on the Discord servers and on a few other posts here on the forums, but to make sure everyone gets a chance to see, the new ICRPG Community Content Site is up!

Visit the Site Here

The site is a catalog of community creations, official Runehammer products, and some great resources like the free Index Card Vols, VTT bits, and the Adventure Template. With an ever-growing library, hopefully, it can make finding things easier wherever they might be housed or available for purchase. If there is something missing or something you’d like to add, there is a message button at the bottom of the page that you can use to email your suggestions.

Seeing everything gathered in one place reminds me how INSANELY CREATIVE and TALENTED this community is and I love it! Thank you everyone for sharing your passion for this game every day. You should all take a hero coin! :herocoin:

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I Need Your Help! What is your favorite ICRPG Community Content?

And you should take a hero coin too! :herocoin:


Any chance “Beyond the Gate and Key” would be added to this?


Absolutely. Just a matter of time haha.


Sick, thanks! This is super useful and I appreciate the hard work.


That site just earned a spot on my phone’s homepage. Hero coin indeed!


holy shit this is awesome, thanks for putting in the work!


Awesome initiative, awesome idea, awesome effort! :fire: :fire: :fire:

I’ll give you a pile of :herocoin:!


very nicely done, kane. thanks for your ultimate effort.


this post is a gift from the gods for all those looking to make content me included, i just don’t know how i would convert parts of my 5e world into icrpg, feels weird not using proper icrpg art for monsters but might have to make it anyways.