I made another GM Assistant product!


After a lot of positive feedback on my GM Assistant - Tables & Templates, I finally got around to finishing the second one, “GM Assistant - Encounter Builder”. This short little 13 page pdf has a bunch more roll tables for, you guessed it, creating Encounters lol. If you’re interested, here’s the link to DriveThru, where you can also read what’s included.


Here’s a few snippets of the NPC creator. This is an idea of how the document is laid out:

I Need Your Help! What is your favorite ICRPG Community Content?

I’m totally buying this (and the previous one) as soon as drivethru allows me to use my funds there :stuck_out_tongue: Actually, that’s my evil master plan :smiling_imp: get everything I earn from dtrpg and re-invest it into the community :smiley:


Lol thanks, it’ll be much appreciated! Hope you enjoy it.