Target Dice



Would anyone with artistic talent be willing to create images of a target die numbered 5 to 19? I would use it in Roll 20 so it can be easily seen by the players. I’ve googled it but I haven’t found anything nice…


There are actually some that are available somewhere on this forum. I’ll try and search, see if I can find.

My search-fu on mobile is lacking. There is a set, though.


Unfortunately, nice is very subjective. What are you looking for? I’ve seen a few different ones floating around this page. I think one of the books comes with a set using red circles with white numbers on them.


You could use these, I like that they also show hard and easy rolls.


You could check out @Ezzerharden’s Community Year Book for stuff. I know the Target Cards were included there.


This links to some as well:


Those would do, but I only have the softcover Core 2.0.


These are excellent, thank you for the link!


I made some target skulls here in my Inktober challenge, I only made 10 - 20 though since that is where my room targets spread between. You can find them here, specifically on day 23 of the challenge.