Inktober greetings! One vtt asset per day



Hey all you lumpy heads! It is the spookiest time of the year again. With that being said, i have seen some great art and encounters going up here on the forums and it got me thinking. How could i keep up the momentum? My answer is to mix Inktober and my love for RPGs. This year however i got bit by the photoshop bug so my Inktober ink will be digital! i will start posting some art project im working on every day for the whole month. I hope some of you will join me in this and reply to these threads, showing off with your creepy creations. Day 1: I’ll kick us off with the Player Token i made today for one of the dudes joining in on my Nobility of the Rope mini campaign later this month. Let’s get this thing running! As always Strength, Honor, and October Art!

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This is a great start!
I’m putting the comment here to get updates when it’s added to. :smiley:


This is inspiring me to dust off my Microns and get some ink on some paper. It has been a while since I have done a daily drawing challenge and I am long overdue for one. I’m thinking about what avenue I could take here for the content of the drawings, perhaps some sort of assets for Roll20 or character images? Hmmm…


Day 2: not sure if this is cheating or not. I started this drawing last night but put the finishing touches on it today. Again I have chosen to show a new character token for my upcoming game… two birds with one stone yeah?! Pun super intended. This is the group’s Tengu Chef. Hope y’all like it. Keep drawing and stay spooky out there!


Day 3: It is just after midnight here in the Rockies and i sure am pooped, but i have a big long day ahead of me tomorrow… i guess technically later today… and i didn’t want to break the chain of drawings. Here is one of my bad guy tokens for my upcoming game! Lets keep the momentum rolling!


Day 4: Here is where i feel like i hit my stride… setting aside some time every day to try to get some art done has invigorated me and makes me feel like i can accomplish anything as long as i keep chipping away at my goals every day. These vtt assets are coming in at lightning speed and i cant wait to see what everyone else has done! This is yet another custom character token for my upcoming game. As always, keep it spooky my fellow lumpy heads


Day 5: Now I am playing around with different ideas for enemies. I used some lowered opacity on the smoke trails so when i place this token on the board it is wispy and translucent. I still have a long journey ahead of me, both in terms of this month long drawing challenge, and as a vtt asset designer in general, but i feel good about the path ahead, and i am inspired every day by my fellow lumpy heads and their creations. Strength, Honor, and ART!


Really nice job here! Thanks for inspiring me to ink every day!


No problem man, that is what this community is for! We inspire and uplift each other. Mediocrity in gaming is no longer acceptable. We must strive to be better and when we support each other/ give honest and constructive critques there is no limit to how good we can all get!


Day 6: There was a discussion a little while back on the discord about whether anyone used Dino’s in their game. I am happy to say yes! This is my orc player’s mount Kelak. My player got to choose his noble steeds color scheme, so we have a blue and grey Dino with yellow tribal paint adornments. It will also have some fun special actions/ attacks based on the Dino form it is (that’s a play on bioform)… obviously there will be a headbutt and ram mechanic in place. I can’t wait to see this one hit the virtual table!


Your game seems like an interesting mix, I’m getting a steampunk vibe and then with dinosaurs. Very cool!


I’m really looking forward to our game and having Kelak as my mount. Great art, @TheWunderLich!


Same, i am super excited. Also, i will have some surprises in store, i wont be putting all my cards on the table here lol


Day 7: One week down already? seems like i only just started yesterday… at any rate, i am loving the process so far. Today is actually a twofer… i made this background for the game, but i felt like it lacked a certain pizazz to be today’s submission all on its own… so here is also one of my skelemen that i have designed to go along with the adventure.


Day 8: It feels good to get into the groove with a challenge like this. Here is another one of my Skelemen. Im not sure if my theme with the enemies has shown itself yet, but there is a common thread among the bad guys.


Day 9: Here is another player token for my upcoming game. This is jourdemayne the gypsy fortune teller. The players have really given me a creative cast to work with. I can’t wait to bring it all to the table!


Day 10: small steps of accomplishment feel great. getting a little victory in a larger journey helps to put more gas in your tank of creativity. This is the final player token for my upcoming game. now i can focus on the last couple of backgrounds before setting everything up and getting ready to play!


Day 11: now that i got the heroes out of the way it is time for me to focus more on the background characters and npcs. today i bring you the foppish lord of Dormirville, Calvin Melville.


I love how varied all these designs are, but how they retain your style. Very cool work!


Man, thanks a lot. that really means a lot to me. im really trying to do something a little different every day. i dont want to serve up a reheated mush of what i did before for 31 days, but i also wanna carry a theme throughout. i never really felt like i had my own distinct style until i made myself do this challenge. lol
Also, i showed a few of my pictures to my coworkers and one of them told me they look like Jim Henson characters. after looking at it for a while i did get a little bit of a muppety vibe off of some of them. i took it as a super huge compliment because i am a gigantic fan of Jim Henson’s catalog of characters (especially all the goblins and creatures in labyrinth). so i guess the style im aiming for is muppet cartoon chic, i never really thought of that before, but i wear it as a badge of honor.