Target Number Table Tents - THANKS CHRIS WOLFIE!


I am heading into the woods this weekend… time for some fishing and fun. I’m bringing some icrpg to play with the kids while I am there and remembered these awesome target numbers that @ChrisWolfie created.

I recreated them into table tents instead of flat cards. Print Cut and Fold!

THANKS CHRIS!!! Excellent cards!!!

ICrpg mod/ D20system - The none binary dice system

Very happy to see them being use on your table! Definitely I will try tents version on my table, thanks!


All these goodies are like Pokemon to me, I must have them all!! Thanx


I was already doing this, admitidly with a less polished version (folded in half sticky notes…) But these will be a much appreciated improvement!


Those “tents” are awesome. I use them hanged over my GM screen and is amaizing when I take another tent from behind the screen, put it on top (higher value, of course) and the players groan.

Can we ask for something like this but with numbers from 1 to 4 so we can use them as counters?
They could have a triangle aesthetic and even be colored from greenish yellow to the fantastic red you have used on the previous ones as the tension increases (just a suggestion).

I have to say that my d4’s are pretty little so the players don’t see them very well and they didn’t cause enough drama on the table.

And thank you for those.


That is a great idea!


I’m pretty sure I could whip these up on gimp in no time… I’ll post em later when I get home and get em done.


Please! They’d be a great tabletop aid.