ICRPG Target Cards



Another step in ICRPG sessions preparation, here are some Target Cards prepared be me for game play. There are again two language versions: english and polish. There are also two version of them: without additional background images or with little decoration. Feel free to download and print. Few simple cuts with paper knife or scissors and you will be ready with them for play.

Target Cards with images (EN): target-cards-images-en.pdf

Target Cards with images (PL): target-cards-images-pl.pdf

Target Cards (EN): target-cards-en.pdf

Target Cards (PL): target-cards-pl.pdf


Dungeon Master School
Target and Timer Dials - work in progress
Remixing adventure template into target cards

These are gorgeous. I’ll print them up for my next game for sure. Great work!


These are super awesom! I never would have thought to have the easy and hard targets, but now that I see these I don’t really want to play without them.


These are fantastic, thank you!


I love these, dude. The art is wonderful!


Well done! I’ve printed and laminated these as a permanent feature for my future ICRPG games! Thank you!


Hey there, these are gorgeous. Any chance to get the image files for use with a VTT?


I was looking for a different set. But here is a VTT target number set by @TheWunderLich.

Day 23


Thanks Paxx, I got that one and tried it. It looks great but the numbers are sadly near unreadable. I tweaked them to make them more legible but the art is distracting. I love the art but it’s just not working out for me.

I can print the PDF here as an image and create them myself but I hope the OP will show up and share it for others to use as well


Hi! Sorry for longer waiting time, I was on a trip.
Here You are: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/290540/ICRPG-Target-Cards-PL---EN
I’ve added zip file, so you can play with cards.


Thank you very much, this is great.


Absolutely awesome these are! I printed on two shades of Metallic Card Stock I had laying around and consider them an essential part of my Table Kit.