Playtest draft



would players with the draft prefer location notes or the beginning of the bestiary first


Were I a player, I would want location information before monsters and monsters after GM section with loot tables at the end.

Just my 2 cents.


loot tables are a work in progress but i do agree location info is very important


To me Monsters are meant for GMs not players, any summonabl monster in my opinion should be a different list near spells. In my own homebrew project summons are an entirely separate document with just a few example in the players hand book.

All my monsters for my project are going to contained in a deck of numbered index cards in a 3D Printed deck box labeled for the region in which the monsters can be found, (yes i will have duplicates) and a laminated Monster Key/guide.


if i had the resources i would try the same thing but im sure its not cheap to make. i think before it goes to the second stage ill split off the GM side so if a GM wants it id need a personal message on here


I can understand that, my project will never get printed… more than once if that… but I will make PDFs for my players.


im not sure if mine will be printed either but i do intend for the layout to be good and be more then a guide to what the setting has in store. It should still find its way to Drive thru RPG


Looking to add in the draft of the bestiary no later then next week, will try to add in world building notes as well

edit the bestiary has climbed to over 50 monsters and may take a bit longer then planned will keep you all updated


For those who have the playtest draft who would like the bestiary added to the book or separate until its been tested and refines


given that the document is currently 26 pages without the Bestiary I dont see any reason to not include it for playtest purpose.


if i add it in its current form it will grow to almost 45 pages, without any world building notes. i still need to make regional lists and a full index for all the monsters


just my 2 cents… but for a play test draft I think having all parts in one combined place is better for the sake of playtest.

Now once you decide to publish that’s when you do layouts and separating out the documents if that becomes the intent.


ill need a minute to add the bestiary in. it will be before the GM section but after the regions


Bestiary added current total page count is 45 and growing as the bestiary is finished


beastiary complete minus the beasts of legend, looking to add in loot tables next


the first 2 of 7 loot tables have been added, if those here don’t mind incomplete lists i can add the remaining. if you want the remaining just like this post


loot tables added a few aren’t at the targeted d20 yet , looking to add an additional 10 spells to each school in the coming weeks as well as player boons and regional info. lots to do but the response does help


I have taken a break from running Icrpg a bit to try some new(for me) systems, but in a couple weeks I plan on running some games, Ill definitely use your works for em so I can provide you some feed back!


Thanks very much appreciated if you run monsters or types try running beside master collection stuff as its a good measure


Thanks you rock for being willing to give my stuff a try with your group