Playtest draft



would players with the draft prefer location notes or the beginning of the bestiary first


Were I a player, I would want location information before monsters and monsters after GM section with loot tables at the end.

Just my 2 cents.


loot tables are a work in progress but i do agree location info is very important


To me Monsters are meant for GMs not players, any summonabl monster in my opinion should be a different list near spells. In my own homebrew project summons are an entirely separate document with just a few example in the players hand book.

All my monsters for my project are going to contained in a deck of numbered index cards in a 3D Printed deck box labeled for the region in which the monsters can be found, (yes i will have duplicates) and a laminated Monster Key/guide.


if i had the resources i would try the same thing but im sure its not cheap to make. i think before it goes to the second stage ill split off the GM side so if a GM wants it id need a personal message on here


I can understand that, my project will never get printed… more than once if that… but I will make PDFs for my players.


im not sure if mine will be printed either but i do intend for the layout to be good and be more then a guide to what the setting has in store. It should still find its way to Drive thru RPG