Playtest draft



long list all ill have done once this is done is just one book that very well could be broken into multiple but i find thats rude to the ones getting it. the bestiary will be fun as ill try doing all the art myself


For me, as I currently don’t have a plan on publishing my material, I am breaking it up into multiple documents to make it more digestible. I have players who could not care any less about the world or its people than they care about a patch of grass. Then I have players who want the fluff and want to be immersed into the game world the extra content is mostly for them. So I only make the bare minimum available to all the players with all optional reading separate so those who want to get lost in my world may do so at their leisure.

[Edit] I have been told to get new players and boot the murder hobos, but I am not spoiled for choice on players at the moment, and they are my friends.


im hoping to make the lore simple and light so its got depth but the GM can flavor it as they see fit. if you have any players or friends interested in new content feel free to send them to this post the more input the better the final product


For the lore and clans/tribes book. I plan on having a 1 page writeup on each major tribe and the leading clan of each tribe this leaves room for future clans and lore within a particular tribe. I will be using my notes from Hank’s Podcast RPG Mainframe Episode 30: Cultures to design them with a mix of his Dungeon Design 101 to theme them.


both good things to use as baselines for design.

side note the world map has been added to the document


GM toolbox added, giving hidden milestones for all 9 types plus the core 6 of alfhiem


I find Worlds Without Number has some very helpful roll tables for cultural values in developing cultures that feel real. I usually give a culture 2 qualities which are admired, and one quality which is devalued. It has worked great for me so far.


Nice. Thanks for the suggestion I will keep that in mind as I make the tribes of my bronze age.

I may have been, subconsciously, doing something like including a devalued quality. Mostly I have been including things that drive tension between differing tribes. Such as the subjugation of rival factions, the expansion of borders for resources, the desire to leave a lasting legacy or empire, etc.

I am mostly looking at the late stone age through late bronze age civilizations of our own world for inspiration. What motivated the civilizations, what advancements or discoveries did they make/find, what were their reasons for expansion, what resources were needed as civilizations grew, and what schisms formed within tribes as a result of differing philosophies?

But I will definitely look at WWN for some additional inspiration, so thanks again for the recommendation.


I think I may use it myself as well thanks fir helping with faction design.


im trying to post updates to the word doc they will come as new playtest content s done


Are you going to make each of these a meaningful faction, or are some going to be sort of singular types which PCs can play as the only member of?


They make up the various Factions of the world. I will update the basic faction information tomorrow


some sample npcs

  1. Kred a seasoned Torton commander from the early days of the Alliance just wants to live in peace.
  2. Srock goblin mage from the Wild Domain known for being rather eccentric and paranoid
  3. Ith a goblin Ruffian lost in the Hidden Vale for years looking for a lost treasure
  4. Ordig a former assassin for the Blades of Kalruth little is known about him
  5. Lyari the second son of the house of Kelran he seeks to clear his family name
  6. Fromren former council to king Thufrim lord of Kol Todir
  7. Sprig a very curious and naive wandering Aleon searching for his former master
  8. Kera a wise old woman and a traveling healer that aids those who take the Pass of Chains
  9. Losian a wayward pixie song weaver with a penchant for being a pick pocket
  10. Kax merchant goblin hailing form the city of Athesa on the southern coast near the immortal forest.
  11. Seronda high watcher for the Fangs of Cria in the wild domain she’s a short tempered Leonin that’s cautious of strangers
  12. Garvek a grizzled old dwarf cleric with a scar over his left eye he aids travelers new to the Shield Mountains. (edited)


the first draft of the d100 npc list is now added to the document enjoy and hope it adds to it


looking to add in lifeforms / player races no later the Thursday


what kind of life forms are you thinking?


things like Rotara the settings tortons, Dwarves, Humans, two kinds of elves, goblins plus half a dozen lesser seen races for the setting.

heres a sample

  • Torton (Rotara)

    +1 CON, +1 DEF

    Shell Armor: ACTION retract into your shell for +2 DEF, ACTION to come out

    The oldest and wisest of the vast continent they saw the gods form the world and the opening of the great rifts. Watchers over the young races of the world and keepers of knowledge. Patience is their greatest strength. Coming from a mystified people what drives you:

    Keeper. Using ancient magics and knowledge you follow the ancient traditions

    The Order. A member of the Silent Hand you work help keep balance in all things

    Conquer. As part of the banished tribe you seek to grow your tribes domain

    Mystery. Your looking for secrets of your races ancient past


most of the core races have been updated to the doc


All player types and core life forms (minus goblin and human) are in the document for all those who wish to use it to try something different. magic items and core loot should be coming soon

edit. humans & gerblins added to life forms


im hoping for those who have downloaded the doc that you and your tables are liking the options presented and any input will help the final product be even better