Playtest draft



For those with the playtrst what would you prefer next faction info regional info


what do you mean by that? like info on the regions those factions reside in? I think thats pretty cool info.


Factions as in things like crime groups or things like them

regional info is more based on notable npcs in the area as well as a few key locations and if possible towns and cities with a few bullet points on each


I’m finishing up the loot tables now, they may grow as time passes but will start at d20 with probably 40 or so magic items maybe 50 if i can get there


main loot tables finished working on making the magic loot table a full d100. it will be a mix of weird, relics and magic loot


update. the D100 magic loot table is complete and 10 new spells have been added to arcane, primordial and sacred.


for those who have the draft i want you to decide on which beast of legend you want to see first, please put your choice below


The Gearforged Colossus has my interest peaked.


ill be looking for a few more votes, ill add the chosen monster next week after the vote is done


Gearforged colossus added to the playtest draft


added the The White Dread best of legend


looking for votes for the next beast of legend you want to see


added Ar’Gholis The Plague King A lich bent on making the world a land of only dead, he lies in crpyt with his loyal followers trying to free him can you stop them


Idk if Im misunderstanding beast of legend but a Immortal Phoenix would be cool


a little off but i can add it to the list. but im hoping for votes within the main list


immortal phoenix added to beasts of legend


got it, I saw this name and it seems epic Galerus, Bringer of Ash

Im a sucker for ash themed stuff


changed the beasts of legend to beasts of calamity. looking for ideas for beasts of legend you would love to see in fantasy for the new beasts of legend section


can you briefly define the two, I have in my head what a legendary monster (Nemean Lion)is and a beast of calamity (Tarasque)


im thinking the same thing the new list is such, if you have any recommendations feel free to say them
immortal phoenix
Mermaid (Lantian)

Taras Lion (nemian Lion)