Playtest draft



With the setting being still under design i am leaving this to the community to test and give feedback as its used. Everything here is subject to change this a playtest draft but i look to do make regular updates and will post a message when an update is added or a when a question is asked.

If you downloaded feedback Is appreciated as this will help the final product.

If you have any questions feel free to post them here and i will gladly answer them


Those sound really great! You put a lot of thought and effort (pun intended) into your classes. I will start a new campaign in june after building a World via Dawn of Worlds with my friends and I will definitely use some of your ideas and pull inspiration from them.
I hope to hear more from you and I appreciate your work!


if you get to try them before the final project is done please send me a message with how they worked but other then that have fun with them


I bookmarked your post. I now consider to run a mini campaign instead of oneshots to keep three of my five players invested until the other two are back and offering them your classes. I will message you feedback as soon as we managed to play :slight_smile:


very much appreciated


I like the idea of hidden milestones!

You may want to clean up the post; some of the new types have connected to the previous types milestone/master bullets, making it difficult to read.

I’d still like to see the CHA spell list.

One of the barbarian’s starting loot items is just a greatsword from the regular starting gear by another name. I would encourage changing this up - sword the barbarian can use one or two handed, or a weapon that stuns or destroys gear (really, I thought the forgemaster’s hammer should destroy gear, and you could give the barbarian the knockback).

For Silver Tongue, do you add BASIC to the attempt, or are you imagining effort applying to lying to NPCs?

All-in-all good stuff.


Will take into account, the hidden Milestones are still incomplete and feedback will help build the missing ones. I can add a hidden Milestone for the Forge hammer that destroys loot. Silver tongue adds 1d4 to your CHA rolls for charming or Intimidating creatures or npcs. I will happily answer any questions


when it comes to hidden milestones, what are the ways to unlock them? is the idea that if a player takes a certain combination of milestones, a hidden milestone appears or is automatically gained? Or is it some kind of BOON rewarded by the gm?


I was thinking they are Boons given by the gm. But locking them behind certain Milestone could make it interesting


I’ll try reposting as a Google word doc


i updated with a google doc if playtest material


looking to add poisons as both harvestable and for purchase in the world who feels a guide is better or a small list with creation rules any feedback would be appreciated before time is spent on the concept as i feel it could add depth to shadows other settings


added rules for poisons, two poisons in the list are setting specific. still currently working on the gated milestones (hidden milestones) as well as the beginning of the bestiary. any input is appreciated


I should be adding in the beginning of the hidden / gated milestones for all 9 types plus ones for the core 6 of alfheim.


For Print purposes, I would place those hidden/secret Milestone Rewards on a separate sheet with a header for each grouping just so the GM can Print out the document and make only the content the players should see available at the table. Then the GM can surprise them with the hidden MSR or present quests where the major loot reward is the MSR.

[Edit] Just my 2 cents. Its what I am doing for my Bronze Age Game. I have a GM Master Sheet that has all the hidden/locked content listed and where / how to acquire it, including whole classes/types that require special quests or role play encounters to unlock.

“Want to be become a trained warrior of the Empty Hand, find the lost temple of Guru Gi’ten and gain acceptance from the grand master there.”


they will most definitely be in the GM section of the book after the Magic Grimoire. What do you think of the paytest draft so far.

remaining sections to add to the draft.

GM section
6 core truths of the setting
world map
notes on landmarks
and im sure a few other things


I think there is a lot of potential here, I may barrow some ideas for some of my locked classes here and there.

[Edit] You remind me of myself with the preplanning of content and game world, its what I do.


feel free, funny part is I’ve been playing icrpg for just over 3 months 1 of them as I’ve been making this over the past 2 weeks


ive got games going already this a passion project from me to the game and how much it shaped me with d&d and now at its source icrpg


the last page of my 47 page players guide is a list of planned expansion material specific to the game world I am working with, clan/tribe book, key locations, kingdom building, mass combat guide, etc.