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[Int 18+3=21]

Mehrfin casts detect evil on the surrounding area.


She looks over at the Dwarf.

“I am called Elskith, and if I were you I would head north first.”

Mehrfin opens his metaphorical third eye sees the sickly purple light of evil deeds and terrible intent. The northern passage is swirling with such light, as is the witch Elskith. The other passages are clear.


Mehrfin starts to laugh. He speaks to his associates.

“If we head North, we should make sure this elf is in the front. There’s evil in that direction, the same kind that’s eminating from her. All the other passageways appear safe.”


Hykon turns to brother Mehrfin.

“I believe you said you needed this?” he says, handing Merf his crossbow. Hykon then turns and takes the repeater crossbow Quil offered earlier.

So North then?" Hykon asks, looking around at the party. “Or save the hard one for last?”


“Nice,” Mehrfin says, smiling. He takes the crossbow, shifting it around in his hands to look at it from different angles.

He looks back at the group. “I’m good with whatever, but I hold to what I said. If we go North as the she-elf has recommended, then we use her as a shield in case she’s lying.”


“Muel? Quil? What say you?”


Quildrum nods his head…[I agree we go north. She. Will b a good shield. I think we need to gag hear so she doesn’t speak any evilness upon us.]


“North is as good as any other direction as I see it. Let’s explore a bit.”


Mehrfin rummages through his adventure pack but doesn’t find any cloth good enough for a gag. He pulls out some rope.

“We could cut off a piece of this to cover her mouth to prevent her from using any arcane words. Unless you guys have something better.”

[Loads another bit of energy into the memory ring MR 6+5+1=12]


With the Elf gagged the party pushes north.

At the end of the passage are five steps down into a sturdy dwarven made room, with a solid stone plinth at the centre and carvings of dwarven gods on the walls.

The plinth is empty but dwarven runes upon ot speak of a “Key of the sky folk, heavy as the heart of earth”.

The holy carvings appear to have been desecrated, their solemn stoic dwarven faces crudely chipped at to make them appear as though manically laughing.

At the back of the room are mounds of beoken flagstone and earth. In the floor, is a massive hole, big enough to accommodate the slug creature.

There are no other exits or clues.

Heading carefully down the hole and pressing north along a short, worm-dug tunnel the party comes to a bowl shaped chamber.

Peering in (without dropping into it) the heroes can just about make out another chamber to the north-east, and another to the west.

Covering the floor of this bowl shaped chamber are patches of what look like huge flower bulbs or strange root vegetables. Their veiny roots dig into the ground.

Target 15

What do you do?


Mehrfin grabs a piece of pipe out of his adventurer’s pack and tosses it at one of the plants to see if it reacts negatively. [Dex 19+1=20] He also stores a little more energy into his memory ring. [MR 6+5+1+6]


[@Nivek, I think you can only do the ring OR experimenting with the plants, not both]


“This heavy key of which you speak,” Hykon asks the Elf, pointing to the western chamber. “It is that way? To the west?”


Muel pokes at the plant with his spear.
[Are we on a ledge above the plants?]


Mehrfin finds himself too distracted by the effort to throw the pipe, since he is not athletic, to be able to save energy. Any energy he aims at his ring fails.

Well, that didn’t work, he says to himself.

[MR 6+5+1]


[So fellas, I say we lower the witch down slowly first to see what the flowers do also] but whatever y’all seem fit. I’m with y’all.


[omg I love it you evil bastard]


Mehrfin hands the rest of his rope over.


[Hykon will pray for your soul tonight, Quildrum, you warped bastard.]


[Shall I lower her down or do you want the do it Hykon?]