Play by post anyone?


Would it be too indulgent to run a play-by-post game on here?

Is anyone interested?

Something a bit like the Trials or a choose your own adventure game?

If there’s more than one player I’d give everyone 24 hours to post their action in any order before I post the GM turn.

Probably a trad Alfheim game using a slightly modified Master Edition.

If you’re up for it post a reply; I’ll add some details re the homebrew rules and we can do session zero.


I’m running two PbP games on discord. Dice Bots make it really easy to run.


Sounds interesting. I am new to ICRPG, but not new to RPG’s.


I’d be interested. Never played PbP before but am willing to give it a shot. New to ICRPG but long time D&D player.


I’d be down if ya need another player. Been in a couple PbP adventures. Good times!


Worth a shot. Count me in.


Ok great, seems like we have a game!


Everyone want to kick in some wishes for the game? Things they think are cool: enemies, themes, tone etc?

My preference is for a grim and perilous tone but I’m down for whatever. I love weirdness too so unless you say otherwise expect quite a lot of fantasy elements.

And I’m slightly less interested in blackpowder in fantasy, I prefer classic fantasy (or full on 19th century Industrial Age, but that’s a lot of work)

I love a big mix of classic monsters, threats and factions, so if there’s stuff you definitely do or don’t want just say. Definitely expect warlike Snow Orcs, evil Elves and the occasional weird anomaly!

And have a chat about what classes you want to play!

I think it’s best if your characters already know each other as refugees fleeing Grey (but you can play any race). When you make characters don’t forget to pick a motivation/goal from the life-form list, they’ll help me write Hooks for you.


A method I have used, which you are welcome to go with, or ignore, is to allow each player to make up one truth about the world - something everyone knows to be true. The GM then makes 3. The truths define the themes, and make it unique with everyone contributing. The rest can be assumed to be regular Alfheim.


This is great. We’re doing this.


Will you be posting a list a classes that need to be created or do we all just create whatever?


Create whatever, we’ll keep it fast and loose.


When do you want the characters created by? Do you want us to submit them to you as well? It will be my first attempt, so I’m sure I’ll screw it up, lol.


All I need to know is your class, life-form motivation, and name. The rest is yours to manage. Any gear you pick that doesn’t work well in PbP we can figure out when it comes up.

If you want help or a double-check of course just post it here and I’ll check it.

What classes do you like the look of?

(Edit - forgot to say something)


Name - Furlan Greystone
Class - Thief
Life-form - Elf
Motivation - Insurgent



(Oh, I need your Defence score too)

Maybe we give it a couple of days, see if anyone else posts. If they don’t are you happy to play solo?

Also, I don’t want to burn us out! How often do you want to have a turn? Once a day, once every two days, once a week?

Finally, do you want to invent any details for the setting for me to incorporate?


Name: Hykon the Red
Class: Priest
Form: Torton
Motivation: Student of the “quiet path”, works to do good in all he does

I hope this works? This all you need to see? As far as the type of game I’m down for anything. Not picky. Just happy to be playing. This will be my first ICRPG experience. Looking forward to it. Hopefully we’ll get a couple few more players.


Ok, I see defence score is needed. Anything else?


Yeah defence.

And how often do you want to have a turn? Once a day, once every two days, once a week?

(I like once every other day - you guys post Monday, I post Tuesday, you post Wednesday etc)

Finally, do you want to invent any details for the setting for me to incorporate?


Furlan Greystone
Defence 2 (not much of a fighter, lol)
His Story: Freedom fighter from a noble family. He escaped from an oppressive regime (aka his family)
Turns: once every two days seems do-able, we can adjust if needed


Furlan Greystone
Milestone path: Path of Smoke