Play by post anyone?


“One is back there” she says pointing back towards the entrance chamber. “But we couldn’t catch it. I don’t know where the third one is.”


“Catch it? What’s this now?”


“Yeah. I’m likewise confused.”


[Hykon u hear this… she said catch a key…] [I think we keep her with us until we find em all, cause they weren’t headed out for nothing.]


“Yep. Kind of feel bad now that we eliminated her crew. Still, they were kind of rude.”

[Int 14+3 ME 15 ]

I manage to create some handcuffs using my create crystal. I hand them over to Hykon.

“Not sure how long these will hold her, but it’s worth a shot if we’re not yet letting her go.”


“Also, how does a key become heavier? And in what way did the tunneler betray you?”
(And then to the others)
“I kinda want to see this key for myself now.”


“Likewise. Might be worth study.”


Hykon takes the handcuffs from Mehrfin and turns back to the Elf.

“Just a precaution,” he says to her, while placing the cuffs on her, with her arms behind her back. “You help us locate these keys, you’ll be free to go. You have my word, for what it’s worth to you.”

“So tell us of these keys. What do you mean you couldn’t catch it? And it got heavier? What are these keys?”


She sneers at the handcuffs, but answers nonetheless “The keys are not door-keys, they live! How does a Torton not know this? Your people built them, they even have shells!”

“One key moves, its quick and stealthy and we could not capture it. The key we found is heavy for its size. It would take two of you to lift it. The third key is… said to be delicate, easily broken. That’s all I know.”


Hykon looks at Mehrfin, inquisitive look covering his face.

“Brother Mehrfin, you know of what she speaks?”

Hykon furrows his brow in thought. He closes his eyes and concentrates, looking inward to see if he can recall anything of what the Elf says.


[Int 13+3 =16]

[@Smittumi … do I know anything about what this chick is talking about?]

Mehrfin stores more energy into his memory ring [MR 6+5=11].


[You guys lost your memory, remember? :grinning:


[True, but hopefully with all that time in the library I’ve come across something useful here.]


[Either way, living keys! Wait, I wonder if these are the ant people Smittumi alluded to with my loot earlier…]


[@Smittumi, in the past with the 6d6 potential of my memory ring, I’ve always blown by whole load in one go. :slight_smile: … can I use just bits of that as needed? While I haven’t done this yet, the MR can technically apply to probability as well as effort rolls. Thanks,]


[Yeah, I guess a roll might help Hykons memory search to…]

INT 9+1=10 or WIS 9+2=11 (whichever you may need, not that it matters with that rollin)


[@Nivek re memory ring, yeah that’s fine]

Mehrfin and Hykon put their heads together and discuss what they know: The lens appears Torton in design. Tortons have a kind of racial memory loss, they know they’re from far away stars, but dont know how they got to Alfheim or how to get back home. The library books say that the lens was a gift to the dwarves from ancient “sky people”. The three keys were also given to the dwarves as a way to restore the lens should age ever wither its power.

[Do either of you have a specific question about any of this stuff?]


If that’s all we know, I don’t know what other questions we could ask. Do we hear anything around in the tunnels that would give us a clue as to where the key is at?


The living key is east, according to the Elf witch. The heavy key is north, she said.

Listening east there is a soft low humming.

From the north there is nothing presently.


[Got it. I remember the Tortons giving the tech to the dwarves, didn’t remember the “key” information heh]
“Hey Morvi, you want to keep an eye on this guest to OUR dungeon, please?”
He gestures to the witch while giving the Elf a hard stare, then Muel looks around at the core party.
“So is this one coming along with us, then?”
“What’s your name, witch, and which way would you go if you were us?”
Muel winks at Morvi and she rolls her eyes.