Play by post anyone?


[Mwah ha ha!] …


Muel runs up and stabs into the portal with his 10 foot spear.
“Allow myself to introduce myself”
(STR check 15+3=18, 5+2=7 weapons effort)


Hykon follows Quil through the portal and fires of a shot from his GREENBOW at the spellcaster elf.

DEX 13+1= 14 (misses, but I’ll use the HC Mehrfin gave me since I wasn’t able to use it with the ATOM PALM) so…

DEX 18+1=19 / EFFORT 4+2=6

The arrow slams into the spellcaster with a satisfying thunk.


[Hey Muel, you can have your HERO COIN back if you want, since I was unable to use it with the ATOM PALM.]


[Zoop] 20 characters…


[Also, just for the record, that first miss makes me 3/5 for HERO POINTS count.]


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The brutal doorway-spell ambush takes the fleeing Elves completely by surprise. All are cut down except one, a spell-caster by the look of her robes. She falls to the ground.

“Don’t kill me, Torton. Tell me what you want, I’ll help you if you spare my life!”

She clasps her fingers as though praying to you.

Target 15

What do you do?


[Well my friend, Hykon, tell this scared lil elf what we want before I decide whether or not to end her life.]


Hykon lowers his GREENBOW and takes out his sword. “To your feet,” he says to the Elf.

Hykon looks to Quil and nods his head at the bodies scattered across the floor, communicating to the Pit Fighter to search them.

Hykon turns his attention back to the Elf. "Who are you and why are you here? And what know you of the three keys?


[@GaryD20, give me a CHA roll]


[CHA Check 15+1=16]…


Mehrfin attempts to make handcuffs. [Int 6+3=9]

Fails. [But earns me karma 1/5]


Quildrum looks the dead bodies over to see what he can find
INT:16+2=18… HE SEARCHES[let me see what we got here]


“Lord Greystone sent us for the keys, he had learned their location and gave us the tunneller” she says, gesturing to the slug’s remains.

"The creature turned on us and trapped us down here. My friends here and I were the only survivors. We only found one key, but it was too heavy to escape with once the tunneller betrayed us.

She points “That key is in the tunnels, head north, then turn west.”

Quildrum searches the bodies of the other three. He finds the repeater-crossbow (d6 but on a 6 roll again for extra damage and keep rolling until you don’t get a 6). He picks up a long double headed spear - an Elvish martial arts weapon (if weilded with two hands make two attacks). And a Smokestone, containing a simple smoke spell (and the POWERWORD SMOKE).

Target 15

What do you do?


[Hmm… Very nice! I will take this double headed spear and thee smokestone.] [Hey Hykon I noticed you already have a crossbow. Would you like this one my friend. You can give Merf your other one.]


Hykon looks at the Elf thoughtfully. “Lord Greystone knows the location of the keys and he sent you to retreive them, huh?”

Hykon glances over at Quildrum as he shows off all the loot he has found. He gives the pit fighter a slight smirk and quizical expression, as if to say “have a little tact here fella, these are her dead companions you’re gleefully scavenging over.”

Hykon turns his attention back to the Elf. “You say you only found the one key. But you know the location of the other two then also?”

[I think we should take her with us to help us locate the keys. If Lord Greystone knows where they are, and she is here on his behalf, then she knows also.]


[I could use a crossbow. Can’t seem to aim with these spells.]


[6] I’ll start storing energy again into my memory ring.


[Yes Hykon I’m with you we should take her with us. Anyone got some rope?]