Play by post anyone?


[Well, my first thought after reading that “whatever short time you have left” was to let them pass by, then after they get down the corridor a bit, hit them with my ATOMIC PALM, then you guys follow after with your attacks. That comment rubbed me the wrong way, for some reason.]


Hykon turns and steps aside to let them pass, but keeps his bow raised and aimed at Mr. Crossbow as they go.


[Hey fellas, any objections to me hitting these scrubs with my ATOMIC PALM? Then you guys following up after? These elves might have the 3 keys we are looking for on them. Just give me the look…]


Quildrum gives Hykon a slight devious smile…


Mehrfin catches the exchange, and smiles slightly. It looks ghastly on a Torton.


Hykon waits until the elves are about half way down the corridor, then with a prayer to
to his deity, wills himself up into the air. He descends, slapping his hand upon the ground. A seismic burst shoots out down the corridor toward the unsuspecting elves.



[Anyone have a HERO COIN they want to part with to add d12 to that EFFORT roll?]


You can have mine. …


[Int 4+3=7]

Mehrfin whips out his Destroy crystal, firing off a blast, but it goes wide, hitting the far wall and breaking off some stone that falls harmlessly to the ground.


[You can have your HERO COIN back if you want to re-roll or add to that…]


You keep it, man. Make them pay. I’ll blast them next time.


Take my Hero Coin and slap those hoes


[haven’t really watched ST outside the first season but lmk how you like Tavern Keeper. I dropped RoleGate after having issues with the app on my old phone, but I just got a new one so maybe I’ll give it another shot.]


Lol. [20 letter limit]


[ever since I set up a soloRPG pBp Discord server for myself with an oracle bot I’ve been addicted to it. Still doing the Neverland 5e sandbox/hexcrawl/setting book and just using the gamemaster emulator bot and/or whatever resolution mechanics I feel. I just killed my first character yesterday. Dude just had to go swimming off Shipwreck Shore. I even gave him a rewind, but nope. Got pounded into ground beef on a coral reef. Twice. Now he’s breaking rocks for Queen Mab and I get to make a new character hehehe.]


[Yeah, aren’t there elves in town plotting against us? That was part of Furlan’s hook, I think. I forget now, dammit. Sorry Smittumi.]


Quildrum follows after the palm blast with sword drawn, rushes in and slashes the first elf n the back of the pack


The palm attack blasts the four Elves and they fall to the floor, before they can all rise Quildrum slashes the nearest (a spellcaster by the look of them) across the back. They fall again and don’t get up.

The remaining spellcaster screams in grief, but the crossbower snaps something in Elvish and the three of them flee off into the darkness towards the entry chamber.

Target 15

What do you do?


[Int 15+3=18]

Mehrfin casts portal to the inner chamber where it will face the escaping elves.

“Quil! Run through and give 'em hell!”

[Someone else could also run through or shoot arrows through. :slight_smile: ]


Quildrum runs thru the portal… Slashing the first elf he encounters