Play by post anyone?


Mehrfin looks up with a disappointed look on his face. “Nah,” he says. “Was just gonna try and clear some of this slime before it starts melting us.”


[Guys, as I described the slime is mildy acidic. If you just tramp through the slime you’ll take d6 damage getting to the other side. Or you can figure out a safe way through/over. Your choice.]


Anything about, like rugs or tapestries that we could toss down and walk across?


[Hey Quil, you could lay down and stretch out across the corridor and we could walk across you to the other side. A Quil bridge, so to speak. Hykon can heal you afterwords…]


[Int 10+3=13]

Mehrfin attempts to cast a portal spell that can move and acts like a vacuum cleaner for the slime, dumping it out onto the spider forest.

All he gets is a few sparks, though. These crystals just aren’t functioning for him today.


Muel attempts to pole vault over the slimy mess
(Dex 10+0=10, 5 damage, 15/20 HP, 4/5 karma)


“Ow, my coccyx!” (He rubs his bum to satisfy the 20 characters requirement.)


I say if we can’t go thru the portal we go another way guys… Unless Merf or hykon use some kind of magic to blow it up


On landing close to the other side of the slimy corridor Muel hears a surprised voice shout something Elvish.

A volley of arrows flies out of the murky darkness of the nearby northern room, followed by a Elf covered in swirling warpaint weilding a two-headed spear.

[Muel, make a HARD DEFENCE save against the arrows or take 1 damage. Make a second HARD DEFENCE save against the Wardancer or take 1 damage. Tut. Hardly worth it!]

Target 15

What do you do?


Muel rolls a 19 and a 12 on his defense saves, dodging the arrows easily but is so stunned by an elf in warpaint that he’s caught by the tip of the spear (5/5 karma= a Hero Coin, 14/20 HP)

Muel pulls his arm back and lowers his spear to try and (maybe) speak to the elf first…
“Whoa, hey… just passing through there, guy…”
(Muel rolls a 9+0 INT check to try and deescalate his ill-fated leap)


The Elf replies back in Common “Tell your friends to back up, and let us out of here.”

“Or you die first” says a second voice as another Elf armed with a repeater-crossbow emerges from the darkness, pointing the weapon at Muel. Two more of them emerge from behind that one, but these are not armed and have a more sorcerous look about them.

[FYI the rest of you can hear this, but not really see much of anything as neither Muel nor these Elves have a light source]

Target 15

What do you do?


[Int 19+3 = 22]

That’s not going to happen, Mehrfin thinks.

He runs toward the north passage, portal crystal in hand, and is able to conjure a portal as he runs, designed to suck out the slime so he can make his way through the passage without taking damage and clear the way for his associates.

[ME 9+5 = 14]


Muel keeps his hand up and turns to look back at his friends.
“Dang, they got me at bow point here…”


Quildrum draws sword and shield and let it b known that this is not what they want to do?? [Who the hell are y’all n where the hell you come from!?!?!]


Hykon draws his GREENBOW and falls in behind Mehrfin. As he advances down the corridor, Hykon takes aim at the elf with the repeater-crossbow. “And you’ll die second,” Hykon shouts to him, aiming the arrow at the elf.


[Not to step on Smittumi’s toes or anything but… I’m starting a PbP game on Tavern Keeper. Going to play the Stranger Things D&D 5e Box Set. Have converted it to ICRPG rules and Mechanics. A little experiment. Was gonna do it on Role Gate, but have been wanting to try out Tavern Keeper, so thought it would be as good a time as any to try it out. Thought I’d give ya’ll first dibs since you are my first ICRPG group to have played with. No pressure or nothing. If interested, let me know.]


“Ah, stalemate. Very well, let’s agree to let each other pass?” says the crossbow weilding Elf.

“Then you can do whatever you want with whatever short time you have left in this world.”


“That sounds pretty menacing.”

Mehrfin looks at his companions. Speaks loud enough for the Elvens to hear.

“Maybe we should just kill these losers.”


[Hey Merf, let them go by… wouldn’t want to shed to much of their blood in here. There’s enough mess in here anyways!]


Mehrfin shifts to the side, giving the elves enough space to pass. He readies himself to defend/attack, however, as occasion requires.